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Jeff Bannister (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 7 2 0001
Quote1 They call themselves the X-Desk. The Mutants are in their crosshairs. Quote2
Delores Ramirez (Earth-616) from Wolverine Vol 7 8 001
Quote1 And so are you, agent Bannister. Quote2


The X-Desk came into being upon Prof. Charles Xavier's founding of the new mutant home nation of Krakoa. A specifically select wing manned by upper echelon C.I.A directors whom relay contact information between special agents acting both on side and in the field on their behalf while commencing missions. Their main facility is keeping tabs on all associated instances of Mutants (Homo superior) and their various affiliates across the globe. Surveying actions related to them, monitoring worldly events surrounding their involvement, pinching and cataloging any memorable X related paraphernalia that pops up across the market; public, legal, black or otherwise.


There have been hushed whispers of the clandestine groupings avocation into the affairs of the newly ascendant mutant nation. A secret so well kept that not even the spooks within it's own establishment properly register them as a credible extension of the C.I.A. Above board the secret operations keep in contact with Krakoa's Quiet Council of Krakoa, as was evident with Agent Ramirez tipping off Storm of the X-Men to Verendi's tampering with the Krakoan Medicine supply to Madripoor. Although this may have been a personal bid as the abettor whom tipped her off had a sickly mother whom couldn't walk and mutant medicine enabled

Subjects of Interest[]

With the sudden onset of Krakoa's rise, the X-Desk has tasked itself with keeping a sharp eye on the mutants checking in & out all across the world through their home tailored gates. One of their more critical items of study are the remnants of the agencies Team X and it's wayward operatives who have long since gone their separate ways. One in particular which the Central Intelligence keeps a close eye on, as well as those he associates with, is James Howlett Logan. As of late, the X-Desk has potentially acquired the services of said focus of their observation's old associate Christopher Nord as a contact or field operative.



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