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The past history of X-Factor of Earth-21993 would mirror that of their Earth-616 counterparts up to the point prior to their aiding the X-Men in stopping the Shadow King. In this reality, X-Factor would be called into a meeting with Charles Xavier along with the X-Men and New Mutants following Xavier's return to Earth and his disappointment in the state of human/mutant affairs in his absence.

The ensuing meeting would lead to an argument of ideologies between Xavier and Cable ending in a clash between the New Mutants, X-Men and X-Factor and the New Mutants escaping. Cyclops and Marvel Girl would then meet with Xavier to discuss how to bring continued peace between humans and mutants. Cable would pick this time to assassinate Xavier, killing Scott and Jean in the process.

Their deaths would create a divide between the X-Men, with one group led by Storm seeking to bring Cable to justice and the other led by Wolverine seeking his death. Beast would join Storm's team, while Ice Man and Archangel would join Wolverine's.[1]

Beast would be slain in an attack on the X-Mansion by the Fenris, while Archangel would be slain by Sentinels unleashed on the world after Magneto took over the USA. Ice Man would be captured by the Sentinels in the same attack and placed in an internment camp. He would ultimately be freed and Wolverine and brought into a new incarnation of the X-Men.[2]

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