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X-Factor was formed by the government as a mutant team assigned to bring in mutant threats so they can be treated. The team can also be assigned to dealing with larger non-mutant threats, such as the Hulk.[1]

When Earth TRN-566 was destroyed and replaced with a new Earth[2], this version of X-Factor also perished.


  • This version of X-Factor first appeared in Adventures of The X-Men. Adventures of the X-Men was a continuation of X-Men Adventures Vol 3 (which up to that point adapted X-Men: The Animated Series), but it went off in its own direction with new stories and ignored the continuity of the animated series after the Dark Phoenix saga. This meant that the version of X-Factor introduced in "Cold Comfort" was ignored, since its events were non-canonical to Earth-TRN566.
  • Aside from the team lineup of Earth-TRN566's X-Factor, other differences on Earth-TRN566 include how it's public knowledge that Cyclops and Havok are brothers[1] and Quicksilver was still a member of Magneto's Brotherhood[3]. "Cold Comfort" on the other hand, established that on Earth-92131, Quicksilver was on X-Factor with a different team lineup that included not just Havok and Polaris, but also Forge, Wolfsbane, Multiple Man, and Strong Guy. Additionally, Earth-92131's Cyclops and Havok remain unaware that they're brothers.

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