X-Factor Hummer

X-Factor Hummer from X-Factor Vol 1 205 001
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X-Factor Hummer
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X-Factor Investigations obtained this unique vehicle when they relocated to Detroit.[1]

X-Factor Hummer from X-Factor Vol 3 36 001

The X-Factor Hummer

When they discovered a dupe living in Vermont, Rictor and Strong Guy took the Hummer to drive out to meet him.[2] While their they were attacked by a Cortex-possessed Shatterstar.[3] After freeing Shatterstar, the trio traveled back to Detroit. To arrive faster, Shatterstar cut off the roof and teleported the entire vehicle to XF Headquarters in Detroit.[4]

When X-Factor relocated back to New York City, they kept the Hummer, but also added the X-Factor Hearse to the garage.[5]

When Carl Creel the Absorbing Man came to X-Factor asking them to find out if his wife, Titania, was cheating on him, it turned out to be a trap set by the Mutant Response Division. Believing it to be a trap, Madrox sent Darwin in the Hummer with holograms of the rest of the team. The M.R.D. destroyed the Hummer, but Darwin's mutant powers allowed him to survive the attack and teleport to a secure location.[6]


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