Mutant Town

When Jamie Madrox originally opened XXX Investigations, he only occupied the top floor of 5 story brownstone in Mutant Town right across the street from a mutant bar called The Power Plant,[1] and just few blocks from Mutant Square subway station.[2]

X-Factor HQ 003

The original Mutant Town location

X-Factor Investigations Headquarters from X-Factor Vol 3 1 0001

Hanging the new sign after Jamie Madrox purchased the whole building

After Madrox won a million dollars on a game show, he bought the entire building and renovated portions of it to act not only as offices for X-Factor Investigations, but also serve as housing for X-Factor Investigations staff (which may not have been exactly within the building code).[3]

This brownstone served as X-Factor Investigations headquarters until it was destroyed shorty after the rest Arcade's attack on of Mutant Town.[4]

X-Factor HQ 007

XF Investigations HQ in Detroit


After Mutant Town was destroyed by Arcade, X-Factor Investigations relocated to Detroit, Michigan. In Detroit, Madrox purchased a Victorian manor to serve as offices and living quarters for his staff.[5] When Madrox moved back to New York City, he left the manor and Detroit to Terry Cassidy. Shortly after Madrox's departure, Terry abandoned the manor and spent some time at Cassidy Keep in Ireland before rejoining the team.[6]

X-Factor HQ 001

The exterior of the X-Factor HQ

Back to New York City

When X-Factor Investigations relocated back to New York City from Detroit, Madrox managed to buy an abandoned funeral home (near 23rd Street and Seventh Avenue[7])and convert it into the new X-Factor Investigations HQ. The purchase of the building included a hearse.[6]

The funeral home headquarters was destroyed when Strong Guy and Jezebel attacked while hunting Tier.[8]


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