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The two-story Manhattan-based headquarters of X-Factor Investigations in an abandoned former funeral home near the corner of 23rd Street and Seventh Avenue in Chelsea.[1][2][3]


Following Madrox return from the future, he and Strong Guy decided to open X-Factor Investigations in New York City to take advantage of the plethora of superhuman-related cases and to leave Detroit and XF Investigations to Siryn. However, a month after moving to New York, most of the team showed up on his doorstep with news that Siryn had closed XF Investigations. Madrox managed to cheaply purchase an abandoned funeral home in Chelsea and convert it into a new office and residence for X-Factor Investigations. The purchase of the building also included a hearse.[1]

When Wolfsbane returned to X-Factor pregnant with Hrimhari's child, she accidentally walked in on Rictor and Shatterstar being intimate and flew into a rage.[4]

With the birth of Wolfsbane's child approaching, Layla Miller began to prepare to defend the building from being besieged by mystical forces by adding warding symbols and laying salt at the doors and windows. The wardings did prevent the entry of Cu Sith, Bastet, Okami, and Kasha, but effectively cornered X-Factor until Jack Russell arrived to take Wolfsbane on the run.[5]

When Madrox was presumed dead, Layla brought his body back to New York, had a third year medical student repair the physical damage, and stored it with dry ice in their morgue. While she waited for him to return,[6] Wolverine recruited Havok and Polaris to move-in and act as the co-leaders of X-Factor.[7]

The entire building was completely destroyed when Strong Guy and Jezebel attacked the site while hunting for Tier at the beginning of the Hell on Earth War.[8]

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  • The roof is frequently used for recreation.[9][15]

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