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The original brownstone headquarters of X-Factor Investigations in the heart of Mutant Town.[2][3]


When Jamie Madrox originally opened XXX Investigations, he only occupied the top floor of five story brownstone in Mutant Town right across the street from a mutant bar called The Power Plant,[2] and just few blocks from Mutant Square subway station.[4]

The original Mutant Town location

After Madrox won a million dollars on a game show, he bought the entire building and renovated portions of it to act not only as offices for X-Factor Investigations, but also serve as housing for X-Factor Investigations staff (which may not have been exactly within the building code).[3]

This brownstone served as X-Factor Investigations headquarters until it was destroyed shorty after the rest Arcade's attack on of Mutant Town.[5]


Former Residents


  • The street number of this building has been 555[3] and 2935.[6]
  • Although the building is typically depicted as five stories tall,[7][3][8] some exterior shots show only four stories.[9]

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