Quote1.png Oh, my dear God -- no! He's dead. Quote2.png
-- Haven

Appearing in "Mahapralaya!"

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  • Haven's soldiers & technicians




Synopsis for "Mahapralaya!"

X-Factor tries to prevent Haven from ending the world in the quest for future enlightenment; Once Haven's plans have been defeated, she tries to cure Multiple Man of the legacy virus but he dies.


  • This double-sized issue marks the 100th issue of this series.
  • Mahapralaya is a Hindu end-of-world event.
  • Included bonus pinup - "Haven: Man, Mutant and the New Humanity":


  • Apparent death of Multiple Man. It would later be revealed that this was merely the death of one of his duplicates.
  • Originally priced at $1.75 US, $2.25 Canada, and £1.30 UK.
  • Ads in this issue included : [inside front cover] Cap'n Crunch, Toys "R" Us, Boys Town National Hotline, The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art Inc., American Entertainment, Capcom, Mile High Comics, Bullpen Bulletins, ActiVision, Berkeley Systems, Subscribe!, [inside back cover] '94 Fleer Ultra, [back cover] NBA Jam.

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