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Quote1.png The whole good/evil blurring probably comes from the fact that guys have stopped labeling themselves. Brotherhoods of Evil are so 1960s. Damned inconsiderate, if you ask me. Quote2.png
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Appearing in "The Invisible Woman Has Vanished! Part 3"

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Synopsis for "The Invisible Woman Has Vanished! Part 3"

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It's all been building toward this: A suicidal assault on Castle Doom in the heart of Latveria as the unlikely trio of Monet, Shatterstar and the Thing go head-to-head with the guy who has his own complete country. Meanwhile, who or what exactly was buried in that lonely grave? And did Madrox arrive in time to make a difference? Plus, Franklin and Valeria Richards are on the run from the most unexpected enemy of all, and the only person who can defend them is...Strong Guy? Part 3 of "The Invisible Woman has Vanished!" Get it before it vanishes off the shelves!


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