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Quote1.png You know, for the longest time, I wondered how Thor and his pals, in this day and age, could possibly be considered 'gods.' After all, they live in a world filled with beings who are immortal, or have god like powers. So how do they rate? That's what you think right up until you're in the presence of one of them. Then you totally get it. Quote2.png
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Synopsis for "Staying in Vegas"

Hela has sent her undead Viking zombies against X-Factor. One has Longshot held by the neck. He quickly slips out his knives and hacks off his attacker's right hand. Madrox runs up to him, advising that they ensure that the zombies lead them to Hela. The rest of X-Factor then show up to assist their teammates, much to the delight of the Vikings.

Meanwhile, Hela has Pip the Troll hoisted above a fire by his knees, demanding to know who crafted the hammer-shaped pendant that allowed him to remain hidden from her sight. Pip answers that he doesn't know. Just then, a raven flies by and informs Hela of X-Factor's push.

Back with the X-Factor-Viking fight, the former gives a good fight to their opponents. The Vikings then begin kneeling down, but not because Madrox said so, but because of the arrival of Thor. The Thunder God demands to X-Factor what did they do to go toe-to-toe with undead puppets of Hela. Madrox explains about how they got Pip into this situation and ask for Thor's help in springing him. However, Thor states that he has not decided yet.

Solicit Synopsis

It's a battle royale in the streets of Vegas, as Madrox and Longshot discover that sometimes the only thing worse than a plan that doesn't a plan that works all too well. And when that plan is to try and get the attention of a death goddess, and that attention consists of her sending her undead warrior hordes against you, well...what's happening in Vegas may well extend to staying there for eternity…


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