Quote1.png Mortal? Who are you calling mortal? I am as far beyond such a label as you are. Except I see that mortality and you...are not so far apart as you would have us think. Quote2.png
-- Darwin

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Thor leads X-Factor to the lair of Hela. Everyone but Layla decides to enter. Thor is more surprised that the person they have to save is Pip. When they come face-to-face with Hela, she mocks them, especially Thor, for teaming with mutants to save a lowly troll. Banshee answers with a praise of Thor's care for others that will be passed down to others. Thus, Hela releases Pip, albeit too easily. However, they cannot return back the way they came, for an energy barrier bars them. The only exit out is through Niflhel, filled with countless undead Vikings. Shatterstar eager jumps at the chance for a good fight. In the midst of the fighting, he is pounced on by Hrimhari, who smells the scent of Wolfsbane on him. He savagely attacks Shatterstar, believing that he forced himself on her, and in the process, revealed that he's the father of her child.

On the sidelines, Hela muses that Thor has always been one for lost causes. Madrox then cuts in that perhaps this whole ordeal wasn't about Pip, but about Thor. Hela feels insulted and finally decides to end the Multiple Man -- permanently! Madrox then gives the signal to Darwain, who imposes himself between Madrox and Hela. He absorbs her power, becoming a god of death and turning Hela's legions upon her. X-Factor takes advantage of this distraction to escape, finding Layla on the other side, who hauls them all out of Hela's lair. Once they are safe, Madrox asks Darwin if he's okay, to which the answer is yes, "dead sure." The issue ends with a closeup shot of Darwin's eyes, both with skulls in place of pupils.

Solicit Synopsis

It's time to Ragnarok and roll in Las Vegas, as X-Factor--teamed with everyone's favorite Thunder God--squares off in a high-stakes, winner-take-all throw down with Hela to determine the fate of Pip the Troll. And for one member of the team, it will be the beginning of the end...

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