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Quote1.png I said I wanted your head, and now I have it. The inside. I could never do this if you hadn't willingly let me in the first time. But since I've walked your neural pathways, I could find my way back in. Your body will recover from physical damage, but not all the healing factor in the world will save you from this. ... What, 'can't'? Go ahead. Tell me I can't. It will be funny. I will laugh, like this: Ha ha. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Lies, Damned Lies"

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The SCARs -- the deadliest team of women around -- are out to frame the Black Cat for murder. But they're not the only ones with homicide on their mind, because a furious Monet is out for blood on behalf of her teammate who was gunned down. Can X-Factor stop the elegant Ms. St. Croix from killing one of their deadliest foes...and do they even want to?

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