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Quote1.png Beat yourself with it, Rahne. Beat Yourself until you bleed. Until your back is nothing but a red, throbbing mass of bleeding flesh. You know you deserve it, and it's the only way. The only way. Quote2.png
Rev. John Maddox

Appearing in "Road to Redemption"

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  • Polaris' Mustang (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Road to Redemption"

Tiring of Wolfsbane's depressed mood, Banshee and Polaris take her on a road trip to Vermont to speak with Rev. John Maddox.

Solicit Synopsis

Banshee is suspected of murder and sets out to clear her name! And Madrox investigates a suicide case that isn’t what it initially seems.


  • The license plate of the Mustang the girls drive reads "XF23707", a clear reference to the issue number.
  • Wolfsbane confirms she is Presbyterian, and Rev. John Maddox confirms he is Episcopalian.

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