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Appearing in "Breaking Points: Five Days That Will Change X-Factor Forever Day One"

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Synopsis for "Breaking Points: Five Days That Will Change X-Factor Forever Day One"

Deathlok, Dormammu and Vanora become tired of waiting in the abandoned movie set that Tryp told them to stay in. Tryp eventually arrives and tells them that he is unleashing them upon New York. Meanwhile Madrox gives Longshot the suicide note that Far Sight "wrote" but Longshot is unable to get a reading from it. He worries that this may be because of the coma he was in and guesses that Mojo was behind it. Meanwhile Monet is comfort eating icecream when she is approached by Polaris who comforts her and asks her about Theresa. Monet says she is fine but Theresa is in fact about to drink a bottle of alcohol when she is told not to by someone with an irish accent. She is surprised and drops her bottle.

Madrox and Havok are contacted by Rahne who asks to meet them in Central Park but when they notice that she isn't wearing her cross they become suspicious. Layla tells Guido that Rahne doesn't come back yet and Guido realizes that its a trap and leaves for Central Park with Monet and Polaris. Rahne is revealed to be Vanora who is setting a trap for them together with Deathlok who fights Havok and Dormammu who traps Havok and Madrox in energy domes. He reveals that Madrox and Havok are both the nexus to all of their alternate reality selves and that Dormammu plans to use their transdimensional status to restore his lost power.

He is interrupted by Guido and Deathlok is killed by Polaris. Dormammu threatens to kill an innocent woman unless Guido backs off but Guido refuses. The woman is saved by Monet and Dormammu suddenly explodes. Monet and Guido begin arguing over the fact that Guido was willing to let the woman die and after being called a soulless creature, Guido leaves her and X-Factor. He is approached by a mysterious figure that claims to be the person that killed the Dormammu and asks Guido to come with him. Guido agrees and they vanish

Solicit Synopsis

The first of five issues that will CHANGE THE FACE OF X-FACTOR FOREVER. • PART I: A rejected Strong Guy does the unthinkable!


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