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Quote1 ...Sometimes the past is better off left behind. Quote2

Appearing in "Breaking Points: Five Days That Will Change X-Factor Forever Day Three"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Susanna (First appearance; dies) (Only in flashback)
  • Arnold (First appearance; dies) (Only in flashback)


Other Characters:

Races and Species:




  • Arnold's Airplane (Only in flashback) (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "Breaking Points: Five Days That Will Change X-Factor Forever Day Three"

While building a small shrine to honor the death of her parents; Arnold and Lorna Dane. Polaris hands an old photograph of them to Longshot. Longshot gains a flash and learns something of the past that he attempts to keep from Polaris. Polaris chases him down and attempts to force him to reveal what he saw. Not trusting that he'd tell the truth, Polaris also forces Monet to create a mind link between them.

After being telepathically begged by Longshot, Monet attempts to trick Polaris by altering the vision, showing Polaris her father taking her mother up to the skies in a plane and contemplating killing her after learning that Polaris was not her daughter; only for Magneto to suddenly appear and to destroy the plane and killing everyone inside, declaring that if Polaris' mother could not be his, she would belong to no one.

Polaris does not believe this and demands that Monet show her the truth. Monet reveals the truth to her; that Polaris' father did indeed find out that Polaris was not his daughter and took her and her mother up in an airplane in order to confront Suzanna. Their argument becomes heated, which wakes the sleeping Lorna. Lorna asks them to stop fighting but after being yelled at by her mother, Lorna's magnetic powers manifest and she accidentally creates a magnetic pulse that tears apart the plane and which kills her parents.

Magneto founds his daughter among the wreckage of the plane, telling her that he was drawn there by the magnetic pulse. Believing that she wasn't ready for a life with him and that she needed a normal life, he asks Mastermind to rewrite her memories via his illusionary powers. Jason makes her completely forget the truth of that day, the realization of which causes Polaris to go catatonic. The mental barriers put in place by Mastermind were revealed to be the reason for her mental instability throughout the years.

Solicit Synopsis

The third of five issues that will CHANGE THE FACE OF X-FACTOR FOREVER.

• PART III: Discovering a long-buried secret from the past, one member of X-Factor will be driven insane.

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