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Appearing in "The End of X-Factor, Part 3 of 6"

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Synopsis for "The End of X-Factor, Part 3 of 6"

Rictor was scattered into time by Strong Guy the now ruler of Hell. He was transported to Mojoverse and an unwilling arena gladiator for Mojo. Forced to fight his latest opponent, Rictor was shocked to find it was Shatterstar, who seems not to recognize his former lover.

However the Mojoverse rebels arrived and captured Shatterstar he helped them in their escape, the rebels allowed him to accompany them and the group soon returned to the hidden lab of Arize. Rictor was confused both by Shatterstar's condition and the fact that Longshot, one of the rebels and seemed not to know who he was. Arize explained that the man Rictor called Longshot is a recently-hatched clone of Shatterstar. Noting his peculiar appearance and unique physiology, Arize created a slightly modified copy of Shatterstar as an experiment. As he explained, Arize used his machinery to restore Shatterstar's memory.

Mojo's forces arrived and overwhelm the rebels, forcing Shatterstar to create a portal for his and Rictor's escape. They arrived back in the lab sometime in the future, where they find a pregnant Dazzler about to give birth. To Rictor's surprise, Shatterstar revealed that the baby will actually be himself, an event he knew would one day occur though not when. Together they delivered the infant Shatterstar, after which the adult Shatterstar revealed that they must help history play out as they know it. They must erase the memories of Dazzler and her contemporary Longshot, and then delivering the infant Shatterstar 100 years into the future. Reeling from the events he has witnessed and must enact, Rictor informed the newborn Shatterstar that he has one weird life ahead of him.

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• THE END OF X-FACTOR, part 3 of 6 • One of X-Factor’s oldest secrets revealed... • The truth about Longshot and Shatterstar!

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