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Quote1.png Darling, darling Bobby. Don't talk anymore. Don't even think. Just kiss me, here in the moonlight. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Kiss of Death!"

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Synopsis for "Kiss of Death!"

This story is continued from last issue....

Infecta is more determined than ever to try and gain control of X-Factor's sentient ship and she intends to take possession of Iceman to get it. She watches as Iceman plays a game of "volley-bomb" with the children, knocking one of Tabitha's time-bombs back and fourth. When Cyclops and Marvel Girl exit the ship to begin the search for Scott's son, they destroy the time-bomb, and scold Iceman for being so irresponsible with the children. Ship provides them with a craft they can fly to Dallas, Texas where they intend to seek out the Freedom Force for answers and assures Scott and Jean that it will keep an eye on their charges.

After Scott and Jean leave, Bobby And Hank answer questions from another throng of reporters who have arrived to interview them. While Hank has a hard time communicating with the press, Bobby thrives in it and cuts the interview short to the recently opened Hard Rock Cafe that they've been invited to. Hearing this on her transistor radio, Infecta decides to go there and try to get close to Iceman. At the Hard Rock Cafe, Iceman schmoozes with all the people interested in talking to X-Factor, while the sullen Beast stays at a table by himself. When a woman begins hitting on Hank, he nervously leaves the party and decides to think over what's happened to him since Pestilence's touch began sapping away his intelligence.[1]

Elsewhere in the city, a beat cop stops in front of an electronics store to watch the latest interview with X-Factor and remarks at how they should be treated as menaces instead of celebrities. Overhearing this Infecta approaches the cop and works her charm on him, unaware that the Beast is watching from above. When Infecta lures the cop into an alley she kisses him, turning him into an Anti-Body and ordering him to go and "arrest" Iceman for her. Meanwhile, Cyclops and Marvel Girl are just arriving in Dallas hoping they can still catch Freedom Force and question them since they are the last ones to see the X-Men alive.[2] However, Freedom Force is ready for them thanks to Destiny's precognitive abilities, and await their arrival.

Meanwhile, in Omaha, Nabraska, a strange egg shaped being arrives at a farm house that has a secret complex underneath it singing a traditional Scottish prayer.

Back in New York, Infecta leads her Anti-Body to the Hard Rock Cafe unaware that the Beast continues to follow them. Infecta, begins to ignore the creature and runs past the bouncer sending the Anti-Body into a frenzy. She runs right to Iceman, pretending to be in a panic and asks Iceman to "save her" from the creature. Falling for it, Iceman fends off the creature and Beast jumps in to help, the fight burns out the Anti-Body and it disintegrates to the others. As Infecta thanks Bobby for "saving" her, the press comes swarming in to get t he story, and Hank's attempts to try and warn Iceman about Infecta go unheard due to Bobby's attention to the media.

At Worthington Enterprises, Warren has broken into the facility and incapacitated any security guards who have stood in his way. Accessing the computer database he attempts to find the location of his ex-fiancée, Candy Southern when he is interrupted by another guard. Warren incapacitates him and demands that he provide the access code to the computers so that he can continue his search for the Right.

In Dallas, Cyclops and Marvel Girl search for Freedom Force, and instead Freedom Force find them. Freedom Force confronts them and asks them if they are turning themselves in for not registering under the Mutant Registration Act. Blob takes a shot at Cyclops for their last encounter.[3] Restrained by the governments mutant force, Cyclops tells them that they are only on a friendly fact-finding mission and asks them if they have any information regarding the whereabouts of his missing son.

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, Infecta has led Iceman and Beast away from the media and she tells them that she is a mutant. She shows them what powers she has by kissing a bouquet of roses, mutating them into an ugly form. She convinces Bobby that she had come to turn herself over to X-Factor once she learned that she was a mutant and they get a cab to head back to the ship. On the cab ride there, Hank struggles to find the words to warn Bobby about Infecta's true intentions, however Infecta convinces Bobby that Hank must be confused what with his loss of intelligence. Being dropped off near the craft that Ship provided for Hank and Bobby's appearance at the Hard Rock, they fly it back to the Ship. When they arrive, the kids want to know who she is, but Hank only angrily bounds away. The children -- especially Boom Boom who has developed a crush on Iceman -- take an instant disliking to Infecta, but Iceman brushes them off. Taking Infecta to a private part of the ship, she comments on how romantic the moon looks reflecting off the hull of the ship and then asks Iceman for a kiss.

This story is continued next issue...

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