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  • Unnamed mutant children

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Synopsis for "Kiss Off!"

Continued from last issue..

Infecta is about to kiss Iceman and make him her slave when they are interrupted by Boom-Boom, who is jealous of Iceman's infatuation with this stranger. When Iceman tries to chase after her, Leech gets close enough to nullify his powers and Beast swings by and swoops Tabitha up. When she thinks he is going to scold her again for using her time-bombs, she admits that she doesn't trust Infecta, Beast tells her that he doesn't trust her either and doesn't want her to kiss Bobby. To this end, Hank recruits X-Factor's students, Rusty, Skids, Rictor, Artie and Leech to help out.

In Dallas, Texas, Cyclops and Marvel Girl at at the mercy of Freedom Force, with Stonewall holding Scott and Crimson Commando holding Jean with a gun to her head. When he tries to shoot her, she uses her telekinesis to prevent the hammer of his revolver from firing a bullet and Scott uses his optic blast to destroy his gun and free himself from Stonewall. Both demand answers from the government sponsored team regarding the whereabouts of Scott's son. When Freedom Force attempts to fight back, they find that the two members of X-Factor are more than a match and they easily defeat Pyro and Spiral. As Blob is lifted up in a wave of pavement by Avalanche heading toward Cyclops, Scott offers them one last chance to tell them where his son is.

Back aboard X-Factor's ship out in the Atlantic, Iceman attempts to kiss Infecta again when he is suddenly interrupted by Rictor who pretends to be testing out his powers. So it goes with each one of X-Factor's charges throughout the night. Skids prevents Infecta from kissing Iceman by putting up a temporary force-field around him, followed by interruptions from Rusty and Artie. Finally, Infecta gets fed up and decides to call it a night and attempts to invite Bobby along with her, however Ship gets into the act and closes the door in front of him telling him that she desired sleep. Catching on, Infecta would attempt to kiss Ship and put it under her control, however he shakes her away from it's wall and provides her with a bed to sleep in.

Omaha, Nabraska: The egg shaped being arrives in a strange lab where another cybernetic being emerges from a pool of liquid as it sings Rock-a-Bye Baby. The cyborg grabs a weapon and in a ship flies to a nearby home where a family and it's baby sleeps. Entering the room where the parents are sleeping the cyborg opens fire upon them.

Dawn aboard X-Factor's ship, Bobby and Infecta wake up after being kept up by the children until 3:00 in the morning. Although she can't convince Bobby to kiss her in the morning, she manages to convince him to return to her townhouse in Manhattan. When Ship protests, she threatens to kiss him and it eagerly provides them with a ship to leave. While in Dallas, Cyclops easily manages to down the Blob and demands once more that Freedom Force tell them what they know about his son. Destiny finally speaks up, having used her powers to see into the future. She speaks in riddles, saying that Madelyne and Jean's futures are a blind spot, that Madelyne is someone with no time and Jean with all the time in the world. She tells Scott that his son's future is tangled up in his past and tells them that their fate is to take them back to Manhattan. Scott tells her his destiny is with his son and he and Jean leave the scene to continue their search.

Chicago: At the headquarters of the Right, the upper echelon of the organization are becoming interested in the series of attacks by Death, whom they have a hard time believing is Warren Worthington III, attacking various Worthington Industries buildings in an attempt to track them down. Deciding that it is a threat that needs to be dealt with immediately, their leader allows Worthington to access the information they are looking for so that they might deal with him and continue their mission to hunt down and eliminate known mutants.

Back aboard X-Factor's ship, Beast is in tears, blaming himself for not being smart enough to do anything to stop Infecta. Ship admits that it too failed in stopping her after she kissed it, it became afraid of not listening to her orders. Telling Hank that she has the ability to alter the molecular structure of objects by kissing them, he asks Hank to save Bobby and sends him off in a ship programmed to take him to her townhouse. There, Infecta has lulled Iceman into false security and she pushes him onto some restraints that also nullify his powers. She then explains that her father was a geneticist and shows him what her powers can do by pulling out her last prisoner, Mr. Binkley, her mailman. Kissing him, she transforms him into one of her Anti-Bodies. Before she can kiss Bobby, Hank smashes through the skylight interrupting them. Hank easily fights off the creature causing it to burn out like Infecta's other Anti-Bodies.

Infecta then tries once more to kiss Bobby, but Hank jumps in between them. The resulting kiss causes a feedback when Infecta's powers combine with the disease that Pestilence infected Hank with causing an explosion that frees Bobby. Iceman picks up his friend, apologizing for not listening. As Hank shifts back into his furry form, he tells him that it's okay because nobody would listen to a dummy like him to begin with before passing out and reverting back to his human form.


  • Time inconsistency: The narrative of time in this issue is a little wonky. The Infecta sequence happens over the course of an evening, however it is broken up with Cyclops and Marvel Girl's encounter with Freedom Force, which happens over the span of moments (Unless you think that the Blob was charging at Cyclops from a few feet away for a few hours that is.)

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