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Appearing in "Judgement War Part 1: Kidnapped!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Unnamed Chosen and Rejects

Races and Species:


  • Unnamed planet



Synopsis for "Judgement War Part 1: Kidnapped!"

X-Factor's Ship suddenly loses control of its functions and begins to fly off into space. Acting quickly, the Ship erects a dome around the exposed part of it's hull where X-Factor was out relaxing. As the Ship flies out into space, the part of Jean's mind that is Madelyne Pryor and the Phoenix Force causes her to smash through the dome to gree the stars. However, she is no longer as powerful as the Phoenix and begins to suffocate in the vacuum of space. Quick thinking, Archangel flies out and grabs her while the other members of X-Factor help pull them both back into the ship. With Jean and Warren save, Iceman seals the hole temporarily until Ship can effect repairs itself. As the group tries to get Jean to come to terms that she has the "best" part of all her incarnations in her, the Ship passes through hyperspace and appears over a strange planet.

Although Ship cannot leave, he is able to scan the planet below and identifies that there is a war going on the planet, and provides X-Factor with devices that allow them to understand the alien language on the planet below. Suddenly they witness the appearance of a giant ship that dwarfs even Ship in size, and are soon confronted by the Celestial known as Gammenon the Gatherer. As Gammenon examines the Ship, X-Factor tries to make sense of the creature and soon find themselves transported to the planets surface below along with Scott's son Christopher.

They find themselves in the middle of a battle between the planets two dominant forces: The Chosen, human like beings that has super-human abilities, and the Rejects, inhuman mutates that also have powers. Unsure which side to fight for, Archangel makes up his mind when Princess Seera of the Chosen is in danger of being crushed by a Reject and he rescues her. He has broken a forbidden law of the land for touching the Princess, and mistaken for a Reject, Warren is knocked bout by Lord Rask, a rich Chosen warrior who hopes that he can make even greater fortunes taking Warren as a slave and putting him to fight in the arenas.

Iceman likewise is believed to be a Reject in his ice-form and faces against a fire wielding Chosen known as Lev. Before they can match powers, Bobby is struck on the head from behind and falls into the battle below. Jean meanwhile tries frantically to keep approaching Rejects from attacking her and young Christopher. However, one of the Rejects telepathic jammers uses its powers on Jean shutting down her mind and sending Christopher falling to the ground as the battle rages on around him. As Gammenon lowers to the planet surface over the battle, Cyclops is knocked out by a Reject that is not only impervious to his optic blasts, but also can fire energy blasts from it's eyes as well. Beast goes to the rescue of a female Reject warrior named Zharkah, however he learns that his concern was for naught as she has entropic abilities and slays her attacker. Noticing the Celestial's descent, both side of the conflict flee the scene to avoid getting crushed under it's massive boot, with Beast accompanying Zharkah.

As the Chosen forces pull out of the battle, Lev spots Iceman rising from the group, his ice form wearing off. Believing that he is a class of the Chosen referred to as a Dualer (those who have two forms) she is furious of how attacking one of her "kind" will have on her social standing. However, despite her feelings, she helps him along and learns that he has no memory of who he is or where he came from. As Jean is being carried away by the Rejects, one of the Chosen comes across Christopher and takes the child into his possession. Thinking it is one of the genetically engineered Chosen, he wonders how the child made it out into the middle of a battle and decides to take it with him to see if he can make money off his discovery.

With the battle field cleared of all but the dead, Cyclops revives and finds that he has been left behind. With the foot of Gammenon just meters away, Cyclops tries in vein to blast it with his optic blast and remarks how this is indeed a stupid way to die.


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