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Quote1 Fools! You dare to trifle with the Phoenix? Quote2
Marvel Girl

Appearing in "Judgement War Part 5: Common Ground!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:


  • Unnamed planet
    • Chosen city



Synopsis for "Judgement War Part 5: Common Ground!"

The Rejects and Chosen have come to meet on the common ground for one of their many prisoner exchanges. The Rejects have come bearing Marvel Girl whom they have had subdued since her Madelyne Pryor personality has taken full control. When they bring her before Lord Rask, they ask to exchange Jean for both Archangel and the warrior Agrom. Rask, needing Archangel for his arena battle against Iceman refuses the winged mutant but agrees to turn over the Reject known as Agrom. When they order Jean released, they are surprised to find that the woman has great power and once more subdue her. Rask, having never seen Jean before, begins to wonder where she might have come from.

While in the Chosen's city, a scientist goes into the check on Princess Seera so that she can accept Rask's offer of alliance. She awakens and uses her jamming powers to knock him out and makes a break for it, jamming the minds of all opposition. When her once loyal robot Zee-Zee attempts to raise the alarm, Seera flees, unable to bring herself to destroy her life long minder. While outside the city, Cyclops and a team of the Beginagains approach an entrance into the city when Dykon notices that yet another one of the Celestials has arrived on the planet's surface outside the Chosen's city and they all begin to believe that the final judgement of their world is coming soon.

Having jammed the guard who holds the prisons, Seera steals the keys and uses them to access the room where Archangel is being held prisoner. She tells Archangel that his friend Iceman and young Christopher are also in the city, and they also free Agrom and try to escape. However, Lord Rask comes upon them and he easily subdues Agrom, when Archangel tries to fly away with Seera, Rask uses his powers to destroy Zee-Zee causing Seera to slow Warren up enough for them both to be captured. As they are being taken away, Rask suggests to Lord Palik that an example must be made with Seera otherwise they will undermine the very foundations of their society. He suggests that Seera should be put in the middle of the arena battle between Archangel and Iceman, and that should the Iceman win she will be put to death, if Archangel wins then she will live. Palik agrees to the terms and comes to realize that Rask is attempting to buy his way to the highest position among the Chosen and begins contemplating a plan to stop this from happening.

When Agrom is returned to the Rejects there is a giant party among their numbers. Beast uses this as a means to escape when his guard becomes drunk from the celebration and knocks him out. Stealing the key, he breaks out of his cell and tries to make an escape when he is stopped by Agrom. When Agrom hears that the Beast is a friend of Archangel, he lets Beast go and tells Zharkah that Beast isn't a Chosen spy but a visitor from another world. While back in the city of the Chosen, the scientists all wonder where young Christopher has come from and after scanning the boy and Jean's DNA they begin to wonder if Archangel's assertions that he was among people from another world may be true. They allow the Madelyne Pryor possessed Jean to approach her child, but they are shocked when young Christopher displays his mutant powers and rejects his "mother's" attempt at affection. While outside, Iceman and Lev prepare for the battle, knowing that the Chosen's opinions on Duelers would change should Bobby win the bout against Iceman, the two then take note that there are now more Celestials standing over the city now.

At the Reject's camp, Beast finally explains the truth about his origins to Zharkah and she accepts the stale with Agrom substantiating it and she agrees to help him in freeing his friends that are within the Chosen's city and bring their decadent civilization crashing down. While out in deep space, Ship manages to break free from the tractor-beam that has kept it locked in space. As it witnesses many more Celestials descending down on the alien world, the sentient ship decides that it must go down to the planet itself and try to save X-Factor from the possibility of destruction at the hands of its own creators.

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