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Appearing in "Judgement War Part 6: Power Struggle"

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  • Unnamed planet
    • Chosen city
  • unidentified location on Earth



Synopsis for "Judgement War Part 6: Power Struggle"

Lord Rask offers Princess Seera one final chance at accepting his offer of an alliance, however the defiant princess refuses and attempts to use her jamming powers on him, but the power dampeners that she is hooked into causes feedback that puts her in a catatonic state. Rask orders her to be placed in the arena to determine if she lives or dies, depending on the outcome of the battle between Archangel and Iceman. As more Celestials begin to descend to the planet's surface, the people of the Chosen enter the arena uneasily for the coming bout. After Lev collects bets among the Duelers, she goes to see Iceman before the big fight, and wishes him luck in the battle, telling him that his victory will have an impact on the Chosen's opinions on Duelers. He surprises Lev by giving her a kiss.

While deep below the city in the sewers, Beast leads a group of Rejects on a mission to not only save his friends who are among the Chosen, but to also shut down their power supply so that the Rejects can invade their city and bring their decadent society crashing down. When they go to the surface with the intention of jumping some of the Chosen and stealing their clothing, Beast is surprised to find that the people they jump are none other than Cyclops and the band of Beginagains that have rallied with him on the same cause.

While elsewhere in the city, Lord Palik has Archangel brought before him, not wishing Warren to win the arena battle for it would give Lord Rask the financial wealth to take over the Chosen, he uses his powers to partially blind Archangel hoping that this will give Iceman the edge he needs to kill Warren in the arena. Unknown to both, a size changing Dueler had been spying on the situation the whole time, planted by Lev to insure that Archangel wasn't enhanced before the battle. He tells Lev this and that Iceman and Archangel both come from another world. This comes too late as Iceman goes into the arena to face Archangel. As Warren tries to get Iceman to remember who he is, Lev sits and wonders what to do about the situation.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Apocalypse is monitoring the world from his secret hideout in the Himalayan mountains and has taken note of the fact that the world's super-villains have taken up unforeseen alliances and battling irregular foes and begins to suspect that some force is using them as pawns.

Back on the alien world, with the gathered Rejects and Beginagains agreeing to work together they split up into two groups: Beast and the Rejects will go to disrupt the arena and collect Iceman and Archangel, while Scott and the Beginagains cut the power in the city and rescue Jean and Christopher. While in space above the planet, X-Factor's ship watches as the last of the Celestials descend on the planet below and it decides that now is the time to travel down to the planet and try what it can to protect it's friends from destruction.

While in the Arena, the battle rages on while Seera tries to talk sense into Lord Rask and Palik, Archangel's attempts to convince Iceman of who he really is fails to work. Just then, the ground begins to quake and the group of Beginagains and Rejects led by Beast burst through the ground and join the battle. This interruption causes all the bets to go forfeit and end up going to the science council, financially ruining Lord Rask. He goes down to the arena and attempts to kill Seera to at least get that satisfaction, however he is knocked off her platform by Lev. Removing the power restraints from Seera, Lev convinces the princess to use her jamming powers to restore Iceman's memories.

Unsure if she can do it, Seera surprises herself when she proves able to do so. With Bobby's memories restored, the battle ends and the combined members of X-Factor, the Rejects and Beginagains turn their attention to Lord Rask who is just then ordering the Chosen guards to destroy them all.

While back on Earth, Apocalypse's findings link all the super-villain activity to one man who appears to be a servant but is really the mastermind behind the while ordeal. Realizing that his true nature has been divined by Apocalypse, this man appears before the eternal mutant and offers him a position in his Acts of Vengeance conspiracy.


  • None of the Celestials are named in the issue, but two can be clearly identified. A third bears a slight resemblance to Arishem the Judge, but differs in several ways. A fourth bears a slight resemblance to Exitar, but is only seen from the back, making a positive identification challenging.
  • Takes place during the Acts of Vengeance event, but only plays a tangential part in that event.

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