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Quote1.png Not only do I refuse to join you, Loki, I will oppose you when and wherever I can. From henceforth, I am your you are the enemy of humankind. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Judgement War Part 7: Judgement Day"

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  • Unnamed planet
    • Chosen city



Synopsis for "Judgement War Part 7: Judgement Day"

As the Celestials stand over the city of the Chosen as part of their final judgement of this alien world, the combined forces of X-Factor, the Rejects and the Beginagainst battle against the soldiers of the Chosen. As the battle rages, Lord Rask clashes with Princess Seera, who is aided by Lev. However, the two women are blasted back and after a brief clash with Archangel, Rask blasts the winged mutant aside as well. Rushing to Lord Palik, Palik reveals that he had figured out Rask's plot to use his winnings from the battle between Archangel and Iceman to buy a place as one of the highest of the Chosen and reveals his part in causing this plan to come crashing down. He then goads Rask to once more jump into the battle and fight Iceman, who easily knocks him aside.

As the battle rages on, Cyclops leads another group of Rejects and Beginagains through the city in the hopes of finding Jean and Christopher and a means of shutting down the Chosen's power supply. Blasting their way into a science lab, they force a science robot to tell them where they might find the two Scott is seeking. The robot briefly reactivates the memory banks of the ruined robot Zee-Zee to show where Jean is being kept and provides them with a map of how to get there. While back at the arena, the Reject/X-Factor/Beginagain coalition is gaining the upper hand forcing the Chosen to order their Dueler cast to enter the arena and fight on their behalf. At first the Duelers comply, but they are convinced by Lev to turn against those who have treated them as secondary citizens and help fight their rebellion. This earns the ire of Lord Palik who orders everyone in the arena to be eliminated once and for all.

Meanwhile, Scott and the others find Christopher and Jean. Upon freeing Jean, Scott finds that her Phoenix/Madelyn Pryor personalities are dominant, with Jean's mind being submerged following her run in with a jammer. However, Scott's love for Jean manages to help her push her personality out of hiding and she joins the group in finding the power supply for the Chosen's city and shut it down. This causes the grid that keeps everyone in the arena to shut down and chaos to explode in the area. As the battle rages on Dykon manages to climb up into the stands and battle Palik who uses his powers to partially blind the Beginagain. This doesn't stop him from grabbing Palik and threatening to kill him when Seera convinces him to spare Palik as if he is killed his vision can not be restored. Dykon gives Palik a choice: restore his and Archangel's vision or die.

With his vision restored, Archangel renews his attack on Rask and in the moment of fury, slays the would-be ruler of the Chosen with his razor sharp feathers. Scott and the others arrive at the scene as well as Zharkah with a group of Reject warriors and Reyest with the other Beginagain Elders. With the leaders of all three races gathered, they all begin to realize that the Celestials are beginning to make their final judgement. With Arishem preparing to give his thumbs-up/thumbs-down judgement, Ship arrives to take X-Factor to safety, however the group refuses to abandon this planet or its people for their own safety and turn Christopher over Ship to take away just in case.

Seeing that strangers from another world would be willing to sacrifice their lives to save their world, the leaders of the Rejects, Beginagains and Chosen all agree to work together to try and stop the Celestials. When Reyest detects a great cosmic power in Jean, she tries to use the remaining power of Phoenix Force in her to channel against the Celestials. Afraid to unleash this power alone, Jean channels it through Cyclops who fires a massive optic blast at Arishem's hand, obliterating it. This seems to be the course of action the Celestials were hoping for, as as soon as Arishem was made incapable of judging the planet, the Celestials flee the scene. Jean is happy to find that the two other personalities had merged with the rest of her mind leaving her fully Jean Grey. As the Celestials leave in their massive ship, they drop another device like X-Factor's ship to record this world's progress.

With the road to peace beginning between the three tribes of this world, X-Factor bids farewell to their leaders. Before they leave, Archangel and Ship have a gift for Seera: Zee-Zee, repaired and restored to her former sentient glory. X-Factor then heads off into space, glad to be heading back home. Just before they shoot off into hyperspace, they pass the Starjammer. Not recognizing the ship, Ship speeds off, unaware that its passengers were in close proximity with their former leader Charles Xavier on the other ship. Despite Xavier's deathly state, he detects his original students, however when Lilandra and Sikorsky come to his aid, they wonder if Xavier truly did connect with his former students or if they were merely just hallucinations brought on by his continued deterioration.

Appearing in "Meanwhile, on Earth..."

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Synopsis for "Meanwhile, on Earth..."

On the planet Earth, the trickster god Loki has come to Apocalypse to offer him a major part in his Acts of Vengeance Conspiracy against the Avengers in particular, and super-heroes around the world in general. Apocalypse refuses to join him, having other ideas in mind for humanity and after Loki briefly clashes with both Apocalypse and the newly enhanced Caliban, the trickster god sees the folly in his attempt with recruiting Apocalypse and leaves. In escaping through one of Apocalypse's monitors, Loki attempts to slay the eternal mutant and his minion by making it explode, but Apocalypse shields them from the blast.

With the battle over, Apocalypse tells his minion that it is time to begin the next phase of his test of survival on humanity.


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