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Quote1.png With the information they've received, they have everything they need. And I'm afraid it isn't going to be anywhere near enough... Quote2.png
Val Cooper

Appearing in "Brotherhood (X-Tinction Agenda, Pt. 3)"

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  • X-Factor's jets

Synopsis for "Brotherhood (X-Tinction Agenda, Pt. 3)"

The Genegineer and Cameron Hodge don't go along well, but Genosha's President Madame Reneau reminds Moreau that they need their insane ally for a while longer. While the US government officially does not get involved, they unofficially support a rescue mission of X-Factor and the remaining members of New Mutants and X-Men. Once on the island they get attacked by a Magistrate strike-force under Havok's command, but despite the surprise of seeing their former member Havok with them, they can fight them off. Boom-Boom and Rictor escape the citadel, while Storm plans to take someone hostage.


  • Part 3 of 9 of the X-Tinction Agenda crossover event
  • Nathan Summers appears twice in this issue, both as an infant and as adult Cable.

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