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Appearing in "Betrayal (X-Tinction Agenda, Pt. 6)"

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Synopsis for "Betrayal (X-Tinction Agenda, Pt. 6)"

Cameron Hodge examines his recent captives (Marvel Girl, Cable, Gambit, Sunspot and Forge) and is angry that the inventor Forge is in an unexplainable coma for he wanted to utilize his cybernetic knowledge. Jean is brought into a prison cell, where she meets the dying Wolverine and shares a moment of passion with him. Cyclops, Iceman and Beast infiltrate the citadel disguised as mutates while Banshee, Cannonball and Archangel cause a distraction at the citadel’s penthouse. Soon the flight team is defeated by Hodge and the others are exposed too. Hank and Bobby get trapped between sliding walls, while Cyclops is forced to fight Havok. Right as Alex remembers his past life as an X-Man Cameron Hodge arrives and captures Cyclops. Havok decides to pretend to be the still loyal Magistrate, and plans to attack when least expected.


  • Part 6 of 9 of the X-Tinction Agenda event.
  • Havok recalls his memories from childhood.

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