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Synopsis for "Family"

Iceman and Opal intend to celebrate her birthday in a restaurant. On their way, she tells him about her recent discovery – that she’s been adopted. In the restaurant, they are suddenly attacked by Japanese cyborgs, who throw Bobby out of the window and kidnap Opal. Iceman learns from Opal’s adoptive parents that her grandfather is a Japanese crimelord and probably behind this abduction. Iceman and Marvel Girl travel to Japan to enlist the help of Mariko Yashida. Opal, in the meantime, has indeed been abducted by her grandfather. As his sole surviving heir, she is to marry one of his five cyborg lieutenants and give him a male heir. Opal, of course, openly rebels. Tatsu’o invites several guests to a sumo wrestling match with one of his lieutenants and Mariko sees this as the prefect chance to strike. When they arrive and Tatsu’o strikes Opal, though, Iceman attacks prematurely and the stadium becomes a war scene. Tatsu’o loses several of his men, but nevertheless manages to flee, along with Opal. Iceman decides to go after them himself.

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