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Opal Tanaka (Earth-616) from Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 62 0001
Opal Tanaka
Quote1 Everyone should learn a foreign language, Bobby. It broadens the mind. Quote2
X-Men Vol 2 157 Textless
Quote1 I'm from Long Island, sweetheart. English is hard enough all by itself. Quote2

Appearing in "Endgame, Part I: Malign Influences"

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "Endgame, Part I: Malign Influences"

X-Factor’s Ship is malfunctioning, causing the lights to out. Cyclops is concerned, but Ship powers back up and X-Factor begin a grueling training exercise. Apocalypse observes the training session, preparing his strike team to assault X-Factor and take his revenge on Ship, who has betrayed him. After their training, Scott is unimpressed with their performance and comes down hard on his teammates. Archangel heads out flying and meets up with Charlotte Jones and they renew their romance. Iceman takes his girlfriend Opal out on a lunch date, while Beast watches his lady, Trish Tilby, reporting from Saudi Arabia, worrying about her safety. Scott discusses with Jean the teammates they have lost and how they can’t afford to make any more mistakes. Jean reminds him that the good they do does make a difference.

Apocalypse sends his team in a cloaked vessel to puncture Ship’s hull and destroy X-Factor. As Cyclops and Beast engage most of the strike team, Psynapse attacks Jean on the Astral Plane. His attack on her somehow reawakens her buried telepathy and allows her to psi-link with all the team, resulting in Iceman and Archangel quickly joining the fray. The male X-Factor members soon take down all the strike team except Gauntlet. Meanwhile, Jean defeats Psynapse telepathically and disables Gauntlet when she joins the others. Their joy is short-lived as Hard-Drive begins to infect Ship with a terminal infection to its cybernetic core.


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