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En Sabah Nur (Earth-616) from Ultra X-Men (Trading Cards) 1994 0001
Quote1 You've had your fun, X-Factor -- your final fleeting moment of glory -- now it's time for you all to DIE! Quote2
X-Men Vol 2 157 Textless
Quote1 Yeah. Right. Sure. So what else is new? Better'n' you have tried, buster, but we're still here and still fighting! Quote2

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Synopsis for "Finale"

In Apocalypse's base in the Inhuman Great Refuge on the Moon, X-Factor confronts Apocalypse. They are attacked by the Riders of the Storm, but defeat them quickly. They are then ambushed by Medusa and Crystal, allowing Apocalypse to imprison them and try to leech their life-forces to strengthen his own. Black Bolt and the Inhuman Royal Family blast into the base and free them from the capsules they were imprisoned in. Jean and Beast go to help Nathan while the others blast Apocalypse. Askani looks on, sees Hank and Jean about to touch Nathan's crèche, and she prevents them from electrocuting themselves on it. They realize that the baby has been infected with the same virus Ship was infected with by Apocalypse and is likely to die. Nathan pulls Jean onto the Astral Plane, for her help in combating the virus, which appears in the form of Apocalypse. Jean yanks Scott in to help, and he stabs the Apocalypse avatar with a psionic sword. Cyclops awakens in the physical world, where he uses the combined strength of Nathan, Jean and his own to tear Apocalypse apart. Apocalypse is defeated, but Nathan is still dying. Askani tells Cyclops she is here to take him with her and save his life. Scott reluctantly lets Nathan go and the baby and Askani enter the time portal. The Watcher observes, and applauds Scott’s choice.


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