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Quote1.png Sometimes it seems that in mutant heaven, there are no pearly gates, but instead revolving doors. Quote2.png
Professor X, commenting on Jean Grey's return from the dead

Appearing in "Ends and Odds"

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Synopsis for "Ends and Odds"

After the fight with the Shadow King, Legion is in a coma and Xavier tries to wake him up. After many mental probes Xavier accepts that he is unable to help his son. He returns from the astral plane to his physical body and is informed that his legs have been crushed, meaning he again will be confined to a wheelchair. With the original five X-Men returning, the X-Men now have fourteen members. Mystique and Val Cooper explains how Mystique was not killed, but only replaced Val to fool the Shadow King. Mystique and Rogue reunite. Val thinks about restarting a governmental sanctioned team and offers Polaris, Multiple Man and Guido to join.


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