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Quote1.png But to this day, I'm in constant agony. CONSTANT. Oh, I don't let on, of course. 'Cause the guys... Like I said. They'll feel sorry if they know I'm hurtin'. So I make with the jokes. To cover it. The guys. the first real friends I've had. If they pitied me, it'd kill me. Quote2.png
Strong Guy

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Synopsis for ""X-Aminations""

Doc Samson psychologically examines the X-Factor team following the events of X-Cutioner's Song and the assassination attempt on Charles Xavier. Wolfsbane reveals the feelings she has for Havok. Quicksilver reveals his impatience with the world moving slower than him. Polaris reveals her hatred for being mind-controlled and her own insecurities about her appearance. Strong Guy reveals that his power has left him in constant pain since first manifesting. Multiple Man reveals a fear of being alone. Havok reveals the inferiority he feels towards his brother, and how he's afraid that he won't be prepared for some eventual attack made on his team. And Valerie Cooper reveals how little she knows about her team by summing up every team member's personality as being the exact opposite of what they really are.


  • Rahne's dream (Rahne & Simpy) is a play on the television show, (Ren & Stimpy).

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