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The story begins with a flashback to Southern Wales in 1347. A mob accost a man and demand his son, claiming that the boy is a changling and is responsible for all the misery befalling the village. The villagers set fire to their house and the boy attempts to extinguish the flames by creating a great gust of wind. The wind only spreads the flames to the rest of the village however. Suddenly the boy finds himself on a cliff overlooking the village where he encounters Mr. Tryp. The boy finds the fire suddenly extinguished and when he ponders that he's going insane, Mr. Tryp tells him that its only the beginning.

Meanwhile in the present, Mr. Tryp is alerted to the absence of a scientist working for them. The scientist is revealed that have second thoughts regarding his work for Singularity and when he sees an add in the paper for X-Factor, he decides to hire them for protection.

Meanwhile Madrox wakes up hung-over and finds a dupe of himself. He is then romantically approached by both Siryn and Monet one after the other and he realizes that he has slept with the both of them during the night.

Meanwhile Guido finds the scientist and protects him from a rocket launcher attack and they agree to aid him. He reveals that the project he's been working on for Singularity is the Legacy Virus. Guido is sent to escort the doctor to the bank in order to retrieve his files but after receiving a phone call he suddenly brutally murders the scientist.

Meanwhile, Rictor visits Quicksilver in hope that he can help him get his powers back. Rictor is wary of the process since many of the mutants who have visited Quicksilver to get their powers back suffered extreme side effects. Quicksilver dismisses them as unworthy however and asks Rictor whether or not he's worthy.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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