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Quote1.png I've been waiting for you. My name in Damian Tryp. I wish to explain to you why you're on the wrong side...Why we're trying to save the future of mankind...And how your activities may well destroy everything. Have a seat. There's water in the fridge if you thirsty. Quote2.png
Damian Tryp

Appearing in "X'd Out (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "X'd Out (Part 2)"

Years ago, when Jamie Madrox was still a boy, Damian Tryp visited his parents saying that Jamie was not a mutant, but was actually a precursor to mutants, called changelings or killcrops in the olden tymes, whose powers were evident at birth, as opposed to modern "Homo Superior" mutants who get their powers during adolescence, increasing the likelihood that they won't be murdered in infancy). Damian Tryp wanted to take care of Jamie, but the Madroxes chose to stick with Xavier. Tryp revealed that he has elemental manipulation powers, claiming that even could even summon up a tornado that could kill them and no one would think it anything other than an act of God (as Jamie's parents later died in a tornado, it can be assumed that Tryp actually killed them). On his way out, Tryp erases Jamie's memories of his visit.

Back in the present, Strong Guy is explaining that Mr. Buchanan, the scientist who came to X-Factor claiming that Singularity was creating a virus to kill mutants, disappeared while in the bank where he was storing the evidence. Guido has everyone convinced until Rahne smells blood on his hands. Jamie orders Monet to telepathically probe Guido. She discovers he's been flipped, is working for Singularity, and that he killed Buchanan. There's a fight, and Guido is knocked through the wall. He picks up Rictor by his head and threatens to squash it unless X-Factor backs off. M says Guido is acting under a second personality created by hypnosis.

Guido is suddenly brought down by Quicksilver who uses his Terrigen Mists to create a cellular feedback with Guido's mutant body. Guido is rendered unconscious for several hours. Quicksilver says that Rictor is under his protection.

Layla hacks Guido's phone and discovers that he received a phone call from Singularity during the time he was alone with Buchanan. Jamie calls Alix Buchanan, the wife, and finds out her husband kept his work on the 32nd floor of the Singularity building. Alix is just about to leave the city, when the younger Damian Tryp shows up at her door.

At the S.I. building, Middle-age Tryp is arguing with the FBI because they're keeping him out of his building. The FBI man says a bomb threat was called in to them, Homeland Security, the police, and the fire department. Evacuation is mandatory until the building is cleared. Inside, members of the bomb squad order Tryp's security out. After they're gone, the bomb squad is revealed to be Siryn and Rictor. Meanwhile, Monet flies Rahne and Jamie in on the roof, and they infiltrate the building from the top. The three enter Buchanan's office and find the old Damian Tryp there waiting for them. He wants to explain why they're on the wrong side.


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