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Quote1.png So...You're the reason we've had so much trouble. We thought is was Rictor's joining the group...But it was you. We should have been partners. Instead of at cross purposes. And now my earlier selves are dead. Were I not trapped between time, I would be as well. Be wary Layla Miller. We know each other now. When chaos battles order, a balance is reached. When two chaotic forces battle...Expect the unexpected. Quote2.png
Ancient Tryp

Appearing in "X'd Out (Part 3)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:

  • Humans (Main story and flashback)
  • Mutants (Main story and flashback)



Synopsis for "X'd Out (Part 3)"

The issue opens with the old Damian Tryp explaining about the future he comes from, a world where X-Factor was responsible for repowering all the mutants who lost their powers on M-Day. This future is grim and post-apocalyptic, where humans are few and the mutants are insane with power. He sought immortality and what he learned, combined with his claim that mutant powers can continue to mutate given enough time, made him exist simultaneously over every point in his lifetime. He worked to restore the past and stop his future from happening, but his body was destroyed by a future version of X-Factor (unit 27), which featured a woman who could breathe fire and a man with electricity eyes. He says he is insubstantial because he is trapped between states of existence, but his past version are solid because time has caught up with them.

Rahne says she gets a scent from him which means he's not all that insubstantial after all. She also thinks he's responsible for Guido being brainwashed, and attacks him. Tryp incapacitates her by showing her a vision of her future. Madrox also attacks, but is thrown across the room. His resulting dupe freaks out and flees the room.

Layla Miller, at X-Factor Investigations, orders multiple pizzas from different joints and trades a prediction on a 40-to-1 horse race for a pair of bolt cutters.

Back at Singularity, the younger Damian Tryps use their wind powers to call up gale-force winds, which they use as a distraction to get in their building, which had been blocked off last issue when X-Factor called in a fake bomb threat.

Rictor investigates Singularity's computers, finding data on a virus which is targeted to kill former mutants. Siryn, meanwhile, has stumbled on a cache of weapons.

M tries to help Rahne, but she is in a state of shock. Old Tryp taps Monet's psychic powers with some kinda blue lightning and shows her and Jamie a world where X-Factor restored the mutants' powers while the X-men did nothing. The mutants get their powers back, conquer the humans, and then turn on each other, becoming corrupt and trying to establish who is dominant in a world without humans. The world becomes a wasted battleground. To prevent this, Tryp is prepared to eliminate the depowered mutants or to eliminate X-Factor.

Free of his psychic spell, Monet confirms that Tryp is telling truth, at least the truth as he believes it. Tryp then threatens to have Alix Buchanan, who is being driven to a secret location, killed if X-Factor does leave the building.

Buchanan's van, however is stuck in traffic, because of a accident involving four pizza delivery cars. The van's back door is open, the chains snapped, and a pair of bolt cutters is resting against the door. Alix is not inside.

Rictor and Siryn attempt to escape Singularity with the files about the virus, but Siryn is hit with a tranquiliser dart in the neck and Rictor is restrained by middle-aged Tryp. Younger Tryp is surprised however, when Siryn blast him with her sonic powers, having the foresight to where a Kevlar collar after her last run-in with Tryp. Middle-age Tryp throws Rictor into Siryn, dumping the files all over the floor. Madrox arrives and orders them to stand down because of the hostage situation with Alix. Tryp reclaims the files and X-Factor leaves. The two Tryps discover Jamie's cowardly dupe in the weapons storeroom. However, he wasn't cowardly at all, but the perverse, unpredictable dupe from issue 1. He claims to have access to the memories Tryp wiped when Jamie was younger. He knows that Tryp was responsible for the death of Jamie's parents. He straps a bomb to his chest and ignites it, destroying the entire upper fourth of the building, and presumably both Tryps, to get revenge.

M and Siryn fly Jamie and Rictor away, but Jamie is in pain after reabsorbing the memories of his dead dupe. He know remembers the truth behind his parents' death. At X-Factor Investigations, Layla receives an email Rictor sent while still inside Singularity that contains all the files on the virus as an attachment. Old Tryp shows up and confirms the death of his younger selves. He warns Layla to expect the unexpected because they are both two chaotic forces working against each other. His appearance there was clearly unexpected by the precognitive Layla and she overfills her glass of milk, spilling it on the floor.

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