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Quote1.png The future is written by the winners. History is written by the survivors. Quote2.png
Pietro Maximoff

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Synopsis for "Re-X-Aminations"

Superhero psychologist Doc Samson meets with each of the members of X-Factor in turn. Guido is torn up inside about killing Mr. Buchanan while under hypnosis. He learned that someone can't do anything under hypnosis that they wouldn't do anyway. He went to the hypnotist because all the built-up kinetic energy his body ever absorbed has twisted his body causes him constant pain. Making jokes wasn't keeping his mind off the pain anymore and he wanted something better. Samson said the hypnosis was more akin to brainwashing than regular hypnosis.

Layla discusses the nuances of perception and plays a game of chess against Samson, winning. She sees herself as a pawn because in the game she's playing she can see the players, she can see the endgame and she knows she's expendable.

Rictor is depressed about losing his powers.

Siryn is in denial about her father's death, believing it to be a trick of his to fake out his enemies. She is also still dealing with being assaulted by Dr. Leery in issue 5, but is excited about her new relationship with Jamie.

M confesses that she is near-suicidal about her former imprisonment by her brother, Emplate, and that at night she can almost feel herself turning back into Penance. Her arrogant demeanor is a facade that helps stay strong by pretending to be strong. She is also excited about her new relationship with Jamie.

Doc calls Jamie on sleeping with both women, and Jamie explains the situation with his libidinous dupe. He also is in turmoil about finding out his parents were actually murdered and that he's not a normal mutant, but a genetic throwback "changeling" mutant. Doc urges Jamie to tell M and Siryn what's really going on.

Rahne admits to liking her animal state more than her human form because the human form is full of doubt and the wolf is confident and clear headed. She also reveals the vision of the future that Damian Tryp showed her. In the vision, she had murdered Jamie and Layla on their wedding night. She's upset because her catholic beliefs state that if she kills them, she'll go the Hell for murder and if she kills herself to stop it from happening, she'll go to Hell for suicide.

Doc Samson goes to Quicksilver's clinic to interview him. Pietro says he's not evil, but a savior, trying to repower the mutants to make up for his role in causing M-Day. He says he's a calmer more thoughtful person since losing his superspeed. He's an instrument of judgement, but not the judge. If his Terrigen crystals twist the powers of the mutant, it's because of their own unworthiness. He describes himself as a chess bishop, moving diagonally while spreading the good word. He also says he would happily squash Layla Miller like an insect.

While walking back from the clinic, Samson is hit by a defenestrated Madrox. Monet had throw him out the window when he fessed up to his two-timing ways.

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