Quote1 Bizarre. The more dupes I created, the more it "thinned out" Locke's control, until I finally broke free. And all these Hydra agents dead...because of me. Frightening. But the most frightening thing of that I don't feel anything. No regret. no horror. No elation. Just...empty. And that's bad. Very...very...bad. Quote2
-- Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox)

Appearing in "Multiple Issues, part 2"

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Synopsis for "Multiple Issues, part 2"

Jamie is captured by HYDRA, flown to their island base and brainwashed into subservience so HYDRA can have the perfect army. The man in charge of brainwashing, Doctor Locke, also takes credit for brainwashing Strong Guy. The conditioning doesn't go as planned, as Jamie is left with a need to punish himself for being bad. He slaps himself, which makes a dupe. His dupe slaps himself, which makes more. Each new dupe also slaps himself. Soon the entire HYDRA compound is filled with Multiple Man's dupes and all the HYDRA members are crushed to death by the numbers. Eventually, the brainwashing gets so thinned out over so many dupes, that Jamie returns to normal and reabsorbs his dupes. This, and the part where he calls in a tip to SHIELD are happen off-panel. SHIELD arrives, including Jamie's SHIELD agent dupe. Multiple Man plays possum and reabsorbs him. Jamie leaves with SHIELD believing he's their agent.

In Paris, M and Siryn discuss their relationship with Jaime, when they smell something burning. It turns out to be an effigy anti-mutant protesters are burning in front of a building where depowered mutants are living. They decide to stop the demonstrators. Siryn uses her sonic scream while M threatens to kill a man for breaking her Victor Meyer faberge egg with a ricocheted bullet. The police arrive, and the two decide to let themselves be arrested because it would send the right message given the current political climate. While in jail, police escort a man past their cell. M and Siryn recognize the man from the demonstration. He boasts that the mob went back after the police had left, and burned all the depowered mutants alive. M makes a political statement using the man's head and an iron bar she rips out of the cell walls .


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