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Quote1.png Therefore, we must remember, while we're busy multiplying, having dominion does not come without its responsibilities. Quote2.png
Pastor John Maddox

Appearing in "No Dominion"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • "Gendarmes"
  • French Firemen

Races and Species:




  • Monet's jet

Synopsis for "No Dominion"

Jamie tracks down a dupe he sent out to study religion and who is now an episcopal minister. The dupe flees and Jamie gets to know his dupe's wife and child (Daniel), learning that the dupe has changed his name to John Maddox. The dupe returns threatening to shoot Jamie to keep from being reabsorbed. Jamie wins a contest of wills, and the dupe submits to absorption. However, Jamie decides to let the dupe remain free.

M and Siryn escape from French jail, Monet having crucified an arsonist in police custody who claimed to have burned the building the depowered mutants from last issue, killing them all. Monet wrote "MEURTIER" ('murderer' in French) above the guy's head in his own blood. The murderer is revealed to still be alive, but barely. M and Siryn fly to the burned building and discover a young girl named Nicole who is crying because her parents died in the fire. Monet decides to take the girl back to America, though Siyrn is less enthused. A shadowy figure with red eyes watches Monet take Nicole. As M are Siryn are leaving France in M's jet, a squad of police cars chase the plane, but in a flash of light, they disappear. The shadowy man from before is shown putting his glove back on, his exposed hand crackling with energy.


There is some errors regarding French material here:

  • Monet states she is opposing "Gendarmes", while they all wear "Police" uniforms. Police and Gendarmes are two different law-enforcing corps.
  • The word "murderer" is misspelled: It's "Meurtrier".

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