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Jamie Madrox

Appearing in "X-Cell, Part 3 of 4"

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Synopsis for "X-Cell, Part 3 of 4"

Rictor and Jamie recover from their fight with Fatale and the Blob. Rictor was simply hit in the balls, but one of Jamie's dupes was poisoned. The dupe claims he wants to die because death would bring him enlightenment. Rictor advises Jamie to leave the dupe for dead, but Jamie reabsorbs the dupe...and the poison. Siryn and M fight Fatale, Blob, and Marrow. Siryn is stabbed by Marrow and sat on by the Blob. Fatale shoots M with an electricity gun. Siryn uses her sonic blast to launch the depowered Blob off of her and into the air. Unfortunately, he lands directly on a recovering Jamie Madrox.

Rictor is hit by a stray shot from Fatale who's still fighting M. Fatale gets a knock out punch from M, but Marrow attacks M from behind, only to be blasted by Siryn. Suffering blood loss, Siryn then passes out and M tries to help her. Rictor's unconscious body is dragged off by Reaper.

Rahne and Strong Guy attempt to track Elijah Cross by following his scent from where he was almost arrested in issue 17. They follow the scent to Quicksilver's headquarters, where they are attacked by Abyss, who throws Strong Guy down. Rahne spots Reaper carrying Rictor's body and attacks him. She gets the better of him until the arrival of Callisto, who keeps her distracted long enough for Quicksilver to incapacitate Rahne by using his Terrigen crystals to create a feedback with Rahne's mutation. Callisto and Reaper dumps the unconscious Rahne in the sewer.

Back at X-Factor headquarters, Jamie stitches up Siryn while M threatens a tied-up Blob with telepathic torture unless he reveals the location of X-Cells headquarters.

Rictor wakes up in Quicksilver's clinic, where Quicksilver persuades him to help re-power all the mutants.

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