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Elijah Cross

Appearing in "X-Cell, Part 4 of 4"

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Synopsis for "X-Cell, Part 4 of 4"

Fatale, Abyss, Reaper and Elijah Cross, members of X-Cell (a terrorist group of depowered mutants who believe the government was responsible for M-Day) celebrate the return of their powers. Rictor is barely conscious, acting as a siphon for Quicksilver's Terrigen powers. Quicksilver wants to start on restoring Marrow's powers, but Callisto forbids it, asking Marrow to wait and see what happens to the others before trying.

The buildings starts shaking. Callisto and Quicksilver think it might be Rictor, but it turns out to be an army of Jamie Madrox's dupes, with trashcan-lid shields, marching down the street at them. Fatale, Elijah, Abyss, and Reaper attack the Madrox-army and Wolfsbane, M, and Strong Guy.

The attack proves to be a distraction, however, that lets Layla Miller sneak in the back door to Quicksilver's building, She confront him, Marrow, and Callisto with a recording she has of Quicksilver and the X-Men from issue 9 that proves the Scarlet Witch (Quicksilver's sister), and not the government, was responsible for M-Day. Quicksilver attemps to grab the tape. The situation devolves into a fight which includes Marrow and Callisto, who want to hear the tape. They find out the truth, but one of Quicksilver's temporal dupes stabs Marrow in the back.

Meanwhile, in the battle outside, Elijah Cross has a bad reaction to the Terrigen crystals and explodes. Abyss draws Reaper, Fatale and himself into the Brimstone Dimension to avoid the same fate.

Inside, with Marrow down and Callisto caring for her, there's nothing to stop Quicksilver from murdering Layla. She is saved however, by the intervention of Rictor, awake now and repowered. He uses his earth-based powers to expel all the Terrigen Crystals from Quicksilver's body, depowering him. Rahne crashes through the window, but chooses to help Rictor instead of attacking Quicksilver, who escapes.



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