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Layla Miller

Appearing in "The Isolationist"

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Synopsis for "The Isolationist"

Jamie drinks with a dupe in a bar which segues into Josef Huber sitting on a throne of ice in a cave somewhere in the Arctic. He is shown unwillingly listening to the thoughts of a large number of people, but takes some pills and the voices fade.

Layla and Nicole get ready for bed. Nicole heads to the bathroom, and Layla warns her to hold the toilet handle down, or else stuff comes back up.

Jamie tries to reconcile things between himself and M and Siryn. M challenges him to tell them which of the two was better in bed. He's rescued from his dilemma when Wolfsbane arrives to yell at Monet. Monet argue, but then Monet complains about Rahne's doggie breath and flies to the bathroom to puke.

Josef Huber teleports New York, where he is hit by a semi. Huber walks away, the semi does not. Huber watches the X-Factor Investigations building. Nicole spots him out the building and smiles at him. Rictor cries to himself about not having any powers, but cheers up once Rahne sleeps with him.

The next day, Val Cooper offers Guido a new job as sheriff of Mutant Town. Jamie, M, and Siryn meet with new clients, Mr. and Mrs. Tyler who want X-Factor to enforce their court orderer visitation rights with the grandchildren, the Purity Singers, who sing anti-mutant hate songs. M and Siryn take the case by themselves on Jamie's suggestion. Nicole shows Layla Miller a pregnancy test she found which she said came back up out of the toilet. Layla is upset, because she did not foresee the pregnancy.

Josef Huber introduces himself the Jamie, who's drinking in the bar again.

Appearing in "Endangered Species (Chapter Three)"

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Synopsis for "Endangered Species (Chapter Three)"

  • Synopsis not yet written

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