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Quote1.png There is no hope anymore. Layla is gone. There is no faith anymore. Rahne is gone. Without them, the only thing that remains is taking action, even if it's mindless...and brutal...and designed only to relieve the fury that makes every part of my brain feel like it's on fire. ... No faith, no hope...but I still have compassion. It's the one thing that still separates me from my enemies. Quote2.png
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Synopsis for "Aftermath"

Siryn confesses her sins to a priest and tells him that she's pregnant with Madrox's child. Meanwhile, Madrox and Rahne argue about her leaving X-Factor. After Madrox calls her a coward she reveals that part of why she's leaving is the vision Tryp showed her of her killing Madrox and Layla on their wedding night. Rahne says her goodbyes to Monet but only leaves Rictor a note.

Meanwhile, Rictor mistakes a young woman for Layla and while chasing her he is beaten by several former mutants. Guido shows up and saves him however. Later, Madrox and Guido decide to vent their frustrations by taking on an entire Purifier hideout.

Meanwhile Siryn tells Monet that she's pregnant.


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