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Synopsis for "The Big Bang"

Siryn is awakened from a night of sleep by Madrox who tells her that Gloria has been arrested for the murder of her sister. They break into the police station and Madrox poses as a lawyer in order to get contact with Jack Vaughn, the actor with whom Gloria had been sleeping. Before they can get any answers out of Vaughn however they are interrupted by the arrival of Damian Tryp Jr, the son of Singularity Investigations CEO Damian Tryp. He reveals their true identities to the police and has them kicked out.

Meanwhile, Guido, Rahne and Rictor see someone being beaten up by an anti-mutant mob and bring him safely into X-Factor headquarters. Rahne and Guido leave to stop an anti-mutant riot that has broken out in Mutant Town. Meanwhile, Rictor is knocked out by the man they saved who is revealed to be a Singularity Investigations operative. Layla sees him knock Rictor out and tells him that Rictor is not the cause of the temporal disturbance, she is. As the man moves in to kill her, the roof collapses and soaks the man in water. He is the electrocuted by falling electrical wires. Layla reveals that she knew this would happen all along and tells him that she "knows stuff".

Solicit Synopsis

DECIMATION Tie-In With X-Factor’s forces divided between a client up on murder charges, riots in the streets of mutant town, and Monet doing a striptease, the only person who stands between a crippled Rictor and a would-be assassin is...Layla Miller? 32 PGS./T+ SUGGESTED FOR TEENS AND UP...$2.99



  • X-Factor (Vol. 3) #36 is also titled "The Big Bang" though the two stories are not related.
  • The "Ewan" Siryn is dreaming of in the start of the issue is Ewan McGregor. "What a magnificent lightsaber you have" is a reference to McGregors role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars movies, "I'd love to swim down the toilet with you" is a reference to Trainspotting in which McGregors characters dives into a toilet in search of some pills and "of course we can bring Liam with us" is a reference to Liam Neeson, McGregor's co-star in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace who played Qui-Gon Jin.

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