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The story opens with Siryn resolving to confront Singularity Investigations. Layla manages to talk her out of it however, telling her that the best way to make them take her seriously is to take the client that is about to walk into the office. Just as predicted, a young woman named Gloria Santhiago who needs help with her sister walks in and Layla declares that X-Factor will take the case. Siryn finds out that Gloria's sister is having an affair with a famous actor.

Meanwhile at Singularity Investigations, Mister Tryp, the CEO of Singularity is talking to an old man who tells him that their plans to kill Siryn when she barged into their office have been thwarted by an unknown event altering time and causing Siryn not to show up.

Meanwhile, as Rictor is falling to his death, Monet swoops in and saves him. Madrox chases down the dupe that pushed Rictor off the ledge and reabsorbs him. Rictor decides to leave and encounters Layla on the way who tells him to go to a gas station and get a refill. Doing this leads to Rictor saving a young girl and returning to X-Factor.

Later during the evening, Layla tells Madrox to answer the phone when it rings. Before Madrox has time to question this, the phone rings; Madrox answers and Gloria tells him that she needs her help; she's been framed for the murder of her sister.


  • This is the first time (and one of the only times) Layla Miller uses the name Butterfly. This is both a pet name from her father and a codename in reference to her own ability to change events because she "knows stuff".


  • The last pages of this issue are possibly the first time we see Layla Miller's Reincarnation power.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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