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Appearing in "Two Meetings, One in Person, One Not"

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Synopsis for "Two Meetings, One in Person, One Not"

The story opens with two Madroxes falling out of a skyscraper window. The scene flashes back to earlier that morning when Cyclops arrives at X-Factor headquarters. Cyclops recognizes Layla but pretends not to know who she is. He reveals that he has come to tell Siryn about the death of her father, Banshee. He is surprised however when Siryn appears to be in denial about the whole thing since X-Men are prone to coming back from death.

Meanwhile, Madrox is invited by Damian Tryp Senior to Singularity Investigations headquarters. Tryp initially attempts to hire Madrox and then offers him 50 million dollars for X-Factor Investigations. Madrox refuses him and accuses him and Singularity of being behind the mass depowering of mutants. Tryp tells him that he should be talking to his friends, the X-Men about that and proceeds to toss Madrox out of a window with telekinesis when Madrox threatens him.

The Madrox that attended the meeting is revealed to have been a dupe however and is re-absorbed by the real Madrox who was waiting at the top of the building. Tryp Sr tells Junior that he knew Madrox was a dupe and wanted him to believe that he was willing to kill him and also tells him that he was responsible for the death of Madrox's parents.


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