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Quote1.png I try to do the right thing, and it turns out wrong. I know that's how it is for everyone else...but not for me. Is this some kind of sick joke? Quote2.png
Layla Miller

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Synopsis for "Collision Course"

Quicksilver arrives at X-Factor headquarters but before he can enter, Layla tricks a couple of thugs into attacking and chasing him off. Meanwhile the team argue on the merits of the Superhuman Registration act when a dupe of Madrox working for SHIELD shows up and asks them to register. Layla is surprised to notice that one of the thugs she sent after Pietro has returned and has his power of flight back. Layla is surprised because her prediction was that Pietro would shunt into the future to escape them and be hit by a truck and killed. The man is puzzled but is distracted by the fact that he cannot land and is losing control of his abilities.

Meanwhile Madrox and Guido visit an associate of theirs with whom they've left the Tryp's DNA sample for analysis. The DNA test has revealed that he is a subspecies of humanity separate from mutantkind. The test has also revealed that the samples Madrox collected from Tryp Sr and Jr are exactly identical. They are the same person.

Meanwhile, Siryn encounters Spider-Man and uses her charming abilities to make him tell her all about M-Day and the Decimation. Quicksilver also returns to X-Factor headquarters and after being declared her nemesis by Layla he enters the headquarters.

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