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Quote1.png That's true, we'll be arguing for a long time to come. 'Cause eventually we get married. Quote2.png
Layla Miller to Madrox

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Synopsis for "Trust Issues"

The team and Quicksilver argue the merits of Registration. When they ask Madrox he decides to simply leave. He confronts Layla about knowing about the Decimation. He considers dismissing her and sending her back to the orphanage but Layla tells him he needs her to make decisions. She then sends him away to a specific adress and tells him to buy a cap, scarf and gloves. Madrox does as she says and encounters Aegis who is being chased by Registration forces. Madrox helps him and decides to refuse to register.

Meanwhile Quicksilver purchases a locale from which to operate but he is confronted by the X-Men. Layla shows up and tells them that X-Factor knows they lied to them. X-Factor shows up and confronts them and a fight breaks out. The X-Men agree to leave and let Madrox keep an eye on Quicksilver.

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