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Quote1.png There's been a murder in the Mojoverse. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Suite No. 2: Mojoverse Sonata XF. 3 OP. 45, Danse Macabre"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Headshot TV (First appearance)
    • Mojo
    • Numerous unnamed others
  • Durkitt's pod (First appearance)
    • Jockett (First appearance)
    • Durkitt (First appearance) (Unnamed)
    • Several unnamed others

Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "Suite No. 2: Mojoverse Sonata XF. 3 OP. 45, Danse Macabre"

In a burst of light, a hooded figure listening to music through headphones appears on Krakoa. They stealthily carry a shoebox to the Boneyard and leave it on the doorstep. The next morning, Aurora - newly resurrected - arrives at the Boneyard and picks up the mysterious box. Aurora has time to knock once at the front door before Northstar swoops her up into the air in a hug. The Beaubiers land and Polaris takes the box from Aurora while the rest of X-Factor introduces themselves. Lorna opens the box and screams in shock when blood begins to pour out. As Amazing Baby sniffs around the carnage, Daken pulls a pair of slippers from the gore. He notices a set of logos on the footwear which none of them recognize. Prodigy looks them up using a multiversal search engine and finds that they are trademarked in Mojoworld. He pulls up news from Mojoworld reporting that a mutant was murdered there.

Northstar tells the team to be ready to leave in three minutes. Aurora decides to stay behind as she’s still finding her footing post-resurrection, so Prestige asks her to watch Amazing Baby. After changing into new uniforms, X-Factor crosses the Krakoan gate into Mojoworld. They join a long line of people trying to enter Mojoworld and are immediately swarmed by cam drones. Polaris uses her powers to knock one of the drones out of the air, revealing the presence of mutants and bumping X-Factor to the front of the entrance queue for priority screening.

Each member of the team is given a chance to audition on the Headshot TV livestream, with their entrance into Mojoworld left up to the viewers. Everyone is up-voted except Daken, who is denied entry and made to return to Krakoa. Northstar scolds Daken for not being able to persuade the viewers with his pheromone manipulation. Daken tells Jean-Pierre that he just wanted to be back at the Boneyard with Aurora. On Krakoa, Aurora is watching the Boneyard’s Mojoverse cable subscription and witnesses Daken and Northstar’s conversation live.

A guard tells the approved members of X-Factor that they can’t enter Mojoworld without a sponsor even after the livestream. As they argue with the official, Mojo himself arrives and dramatically proclaims that he will sponsor the team - after all, Krakoan mutants are the most consistent draw in streaming right now. Polaris takes the opportunity to magnetically lift Mojo high into the air by his metal carriage. As Mojo hangs upside-down, Northstar rockets up next to him and demands information about the dead mutant. The rest of X-Factor search for clues on the street below while Prestige telekinetically fends off Mojo’s soldiers. Polaris squeezes the tail of Mojo’s carriage around his throat and Mojo agrees to talk.

He explains that the top five Headshot TV livestreamers all have their own studio, and that the mutant died during a competition on Spiral’s second-ranked show, Spiral’s Showcase. Prodigy determines the top five studios are located behind a walled-off part of the city. Polaris and Northstar fly towards the dome at the center of the studio community, but they are suddenly knocked out of the air. They land at the feet of a group that identifies themselves as a fighting stream, who are looking to gain viewers by squaring off with X-Factor. The rest of the team arrives and Rachel scolds Polaris and Northstar for heading off before she could telepathically scope out the area. X-Factor gather themselves and prepare to take on the livestreamers.

Back on Krakoa, Kyle arrives at the Boneyard and finds Aurora and Amazing Baby watching the Mojoverse stream. Aurora invites her brother-in-law to join her on the couch to watch the fight.

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The team gets their first case—investigating the disappearance of a mutant dancer at a prestigious ballet Mojoverse!

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