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Appearing in "Suite No. 3: Mojoverse Sonata the 2nd, a Celestial Rondo"

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Synopsis for "Suite No. 3: Mojoverse Sonata the 2nd, a Celestial Rondo"

After defeating the Mojoverse fight streamers that challenged them in order to get ratings, X-Factor winds up on Spiral’s Showcase for an interview. The team presses Spiral for the identity of the mutant who was recently murdered on Mojoworld, but she refuses to divulge, instead playing to her audience. During an ad break, Prestige tries to probe Spiral’s mind but is blocked by a psychic shield that all top streamers have implanted in their brains. Back from commercial, Spiral asks Prodigy if he misses his old classmate Sofia, a.k.a. Wind Dancer. Suddenly, footage plays of the stream where Wind Dancer was shot to death. Spiral tells X-Factor that Sofia chose to broadcast her own murder to please her fans, and reveals that a live stream of her autopsy is starting soon. She then teleports the team to the studio of the top stream, where Sofia’s body is being kept. X-Factor materializes in an arena full of cheering fans.

The team fights their way through the crowd and reaches the ring at the center of the arena. There, to their shock, they find the Mojoverse’s top streamer, Shatterstar, in the middle of bloody combat for the fans. Shatterstar drops his swords in surprise when he sees Polaris. He tells X-Factor he’s glad they got his message and asks if they’re excited to see Wind Dancer’s autopsy. Polaris is taken aback by Shatterstar’s all-too-chipper tone and asks him what’s wrong. He says he is Mojo’s top streamer and nothing could possibly be wrong. Trailed by a swarm of cam drones, Shatterstar leads X-Factor out of the arena and to Arize’s streaming studio, where Wind Dancer’s body is being kept. On the way, Shatterstar explains - using overly upbeat language - that he convinced Mojo to get one more piece of content out of Sofia’s death before composting her body for Arize’s cloning process, which creates thousands of mindless copies to be used however Mojo sees fit.

They arrive at the stasis tube containing Wind Dancer’s body. Shatterstar tells them the autopsy is in twenty minutes and that they should finish whatever they’re going to do before then. The team telepathically agrees this was his way of saying to take Sofia back to Krakoa. Northstar grabs Sofia’s body and speeds away. Polaris asks Shatterstar if he can speak freely; in Krakoan, he tells her “no”. She promises him they’ll find a way to get him out, and he returns to the ring in his studio and asks his fans if they are ready for more.

Sometime later, Doug Ramsey decodes several transmissions Shatterstar periodically sent out into deep space. His messages recount stalling Mojo to keep Wind Dancer’s DNA out of his cloning database as well as his despair at being stuck under the dictator’s thumb.

While exploring the fleet seeds floating around the Boneyard, Aurora comes across Daken cooking in the kitchen. The two flirt, but Aurora angrily speeds off when Akihiro asks who she was meeting up with in Washington before her death. Later, Aurora files a report detailing what she learned watching Mojoverse cable - namely how much the citizens of Mojoworld are suffering and the emptiness of the Mojoverse’s version of “immortality” - through Arize’s cloning process - when compared to Krakoa’s.

As they share a drink with Gwenpool at the Green Lagoon, Domino, Psylocke, Storm, and Mystique are suddenly teleported away from their table. They mysteriously return seconds later in a flash of color, armed with automatic rifles.

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Every streamer in the Mojoverse is desperate to get a little of the X-magic on their channel, but all X-Factor wants to do is figure out who murdered a Krakoan citizen.

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