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Quote1.png I often find a terrifying comfort in the possibility of evanescing. I never asked to exist. Or to be like this. This clumsy and fumbling congregation of flaws. I think there's something wrong with me. I can still feel an itch in my head, like Saturnyne's not quite done with me yet... Sometimes I'm able to convince myself that there's no such thing as kindness in this world. No such thing as courage. I tell myself there's only redemption and penitence. There is only reticence and pain. I am -- thankfully -- often wrong on such things. Quote2.png

Appearing in "X of Swords: Chapter 02"

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Synopsis for "X of Swords: Chapter 02"

The Krakoan advance team that had crossed through the External Gate return to Krakoa. As part of the truce between Arakko and Krakoa, Unus has been set free, but Apocalypse and Rictor are grievously wounded and taken to the Healing Gardens, while Rockslide's remains are brought back on a stretcher. Saturnyne watches the Krakoans from Otherworld and closes the External Gate, angering Krakoa and causing great pain to Polaris. Monet and Rachel try to probe Polaris' mind in order to decipher the prophecy Saturnyne left her, but cannot get past Saturnyne's psychic blocks.

In the Healing Garden, Rictor succumbs to his injuries and dies, as Healer focuses his attention on Apocalypse. Enraged that Healer has allowed Rictor, with whom he shares a special bond, to die, Apocalypse attempts to kill him only to be subdued by Rachel. Polaris approaches the Five and asks for protocols for resurrecting mutants killed in war. She has Professor X read her mind and share what happened in Otherworld, prompting Xavier to ask the Five to quickly resurrect Rictor and Rockslide. Rictor is resurrected without issue, but when Xavier tries to implant Rockslide's memories into the newly resurrected husk, Cerebro shorts out, knocking him and the Five unconscious. Rockslide's husk crumbles into rubble, as a different version of him rises again. In the panicked belief that something is wrong with the eggs, the Five destroy every remaining egg. Xavier scans Rockslide and determines that he is not their Rockslide.

Speaking before the Quiet Council, Hope has deduced that Rictor was able to be resurrected without fault because he died on Krakoa, whereas Rockslide died on Otherworld. Dying in Otherworld corrupts the Cerebro back-up of a mutant's memories, replacing them with an amalgamation of that person from every other reality. Aghast at the fact that this means their Rockslide is gone forever, Emma Frost argues that they should call off the tournament in fear that other mutants may die with no hope of being brought back, only for Xavier to retort that they cannot go back on their bargain as winning the tournament is crucial to the coming war with Arakko. During the heated debate, Magneto angrily berates Polaris for not being able to decipher Saturnyne's prophecy, triggering her to suddenly read out a prophecy corresponding to every champion. When she comes to, she grabs the remains of Rockslide, and runs off.

Xavier and Magneto visit Apocalypse in the Healing Gardens and inform him that should he die, his resurrection will be delayed due to the destruction of the eggs. They scold him for the trouble his hubris has brought upon Krakoa. Meanwhile, a frantic Polaris, still plagued by guilt over Rockslide's death, which she feels she could have prevented, has used his remains to construct a tournament key following Saturnyne's instructions. When each champion has retrieved their swords, they return to the circle, and when all their swords are touching the circle, the lock will open and the tournament may begin. She dedicates the circle and the coming tournament to Rockslide's memory, and Magik steps forth as the first champion.

Cypher attempts to decipher Polaris' prophecies, and together with the help of those they concerned, most of the champions are identified. The champions of Krakoa will be: Magik, Cable, Warlock, whom Cypher swore to fight alongside, Storm, Wolverine, Brian Braddock, Captain Britain, Gorgon and Apocalypse.

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Death and rebirth. Corruption. A dark discovery.


  • Several of the Cradles are incorrectly labeled in this issue.

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