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Quote1.png Most people would never put themselves in a position to be hurt the same way. But not you. You suffered loss, and instead of hardening, you keep caring. You choose to love again, over and over. So you just get hurt again, over and over. Because you care. It's awful, isn't it? Like a kind of curse. So there's to having brutal hearts, Ms. Frost. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Suite No. 5: First Movement Finale; "After A Summer of Allostatic Overload""

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Synopsis for "Suite No. 5: First Movement Finale; "After A Summer of Allostatic Overload""

X-Factor screens video for the Five from Adam X's Mojoverse livestream, Adam X's Hot Seat, showing Adam murdering Wind Dancer at his audience's request. The Five accept the proof of Wind Dancer's death, but they're hesitant to restart resurrection protocols after Rockslide's faulty resurrection. They ask X-Factor to help them determine what went wrong and if resurrection can safely begin again.

The next day at Arbor Magna, most of X-Factor examines Rockslide while Prodigy goes to gather mutants he thinks will want to be present for Wind Dancer's resurrection. Rachel chronoskims back through Rockslide's life, but is knocked across the room when she runs into the beginning of his timeline - his resurrection. She telepathically shares what she experienced with the Five, and they all agree that Rockslide is effectively a “newborn”. Seeing nothing that makes further resurrections inherently dangerous, the Five decide to proceed with bringing back Wind Dancer. As they prepare, Hope and Proteus notice Emma Frost standing outside Arbor Magna alone at a distance.

Later, Wind Dancer emerges reborn and is greeted by Hellion and all her other friends. Proteus and Hope watch as she immediately takes flight, and Proteus remarks that it's the first thing every formerly depowered flyer does when they come back to life. When Sofia lands, Prodigy asks her why she allowed herself to be killed. She says it was the only way she could escape Mojoworld, and that all of the top streamers are trapped there too, including Shatterstar, Spiral, and Adam X. Polaris tells her X-Factor has been banned from Mojoworld, but will try to rescue everyone who wants out. Eye-Boy asks his teammates to save the rest of their questions for tomorrow and suggests a celebration.

As the gathered mutants take the party back to the Boneyard, Dani Moonstar approaches Emma Frost, still standing alone outside Arbor Magna. Emma is depressed by Rockslide's death, feeling as if she continues to fail her students even in the new paradise of Krakoa. Dani tells her there is nothing wrong with caring as much as Emma does, and continuing to care even after getting hurt over and over. The two then head to the Green Lagoon for a drink.

Eye-Boy gives the partiers a tour of the Boneyard. Daken marvels to Polaris at Trevor's sincerity and the two begin to joke around. Daken notices Aurora watching before she angrily speeds away. A dance party rages on in the atrium of the Boneyard as the members of X-Factor occupy themselves away from the revelry. Northstar talks with the Five about the resurrections of Gorgon and the Hellions that have been affected by their having died in Otherworld and Amenth. Polaris sits with Rockslide on a balcony and tells him Krakoa will be there for him if he asks. Prodigy tells Wind-Dancer he thinks he was murdered like her before his resurrection. Daken is drawing on the walls of his room when Aurora appears in his doorway. Akihiro tells her Polaris is like a sister to him; Aurora says she knows.

Later, Northstar finds Aurora on one of the Boneyard's upper levels. He tells his sister he's there whenever she wants to tell him about Washington. He reaches for her hand but Aurora recoils. Northstar reassures her that their inability to touch was a feature of her old body and isn't present in her new one. The Beaubiers hold hands, conjuring a dazzling light show above Krakoa. The beauty of the moment is interrupted by a blood-curdling scream from the woods nearby. Aurora and Northstar speed to the location of the scream and find Siryn's body. Jean-Paul wonders how someone who can fly could fall to her death.

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The events of X OF SWORDS have put the resurrection protocols in jeopardy! As the Five deals with the fallout, X-Factor investigates those affected by the tragedy…


  • While not every student from the Academy X era is present in this issue, the intended implication in the story is that all the young mutants from that generation are back (minus Rockslide).[1]

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