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Quote1.png Most people would never put themselves in a position to be hurt the same way. But not you. You suffered loss, and instead of hardening, you keep caring. You choose to love again, over and over. So you just get hurt again, over and over. Because you care. It's awful, isn't it? Like a kind of curse. So there's to having brutal hearts, Ms. Frost. Quote2.png
-- Mirage

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Synopsis for "Volksgeist"

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The events of X OF SWORDS have put the resurrection protocols in jeopardy! As the Five deals with the fallout, X-Factor investigates those affected by the tragedy…


  • While not every student from the Academy X era is present in this issue, the intended implication in the story is that all the young mutants from that generation are back (minus Rockslide).[1]

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