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Polaris (Lorna Dane)

Appearing in "Suite no. 6: Scio me nihil scire "Second movement""

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Synopsis for "Suite no. 6: Scio me nihil scire "Second movement""

X-Factor is gathered for breakfast - Prodigy reading a bee-keeping guide to Eye-Boy, Kyle trepidatiously trying a bagel from the plant on the counter - when Polaris gets a phone call meant for Northstar. Jean-Paul jots down coordinates and says the team is on its way.

X-Factor arrives at a cliffside in the United Kingdom, where authorities are investigating a mutant death. Siryn’s corpse is in a body bag on the ground. Polaris sighs in frustration - this is the second time Theresa has died this week. The local forensics investigator tells Daken they suspect foul play. Eye-Boy offers to help examine Siryn’s body with his microscopic vision while Daken uses his heightened sense of smell to gather clues. The strangeness of the situation proves too much for the forensic tech, who faints, leaving Prodigy to mimic the tech’s knowledge to help Eye-Boy figure out what he’s seeing.

The lead detective gives Northstar the statement she took from the woman who found Siryn’s body. She also does her best to call off one of her officers, who is making bigoted comments about mutants as X-Factor does their investigation. Northstar tries to reassure Polaris that Siryn is still her friend despite the fact that there is clearly more going on with Siryn’s deaths than she let on. As Lorna walks ahead, Jean-Paul tells Daken to follow Siryn once she is resurrected, and that if her life is in danger again, Daken should let her die so they can learn what is going on.

Prestige starts to telekinetically carry Siryn’s body back to Krakoa for an autopsy. Prodigy makes the case to Northstar that he should watch the procedure so that he can absorb Dr. Reyes’ knowledge and become a better investigator. As the rest of the team prepares to leave the crime scene, the bigoted officer continues to insult mutants until Polaris and Daken have had enough. They advance on the man and he stammers in fear. Lorna promises to petition the Quiet Council to give X-Factor broader jurisdiction moving forward.

Rachel and Prodigy watch Siryn’s autopsy in the Healing Gardens. Dr. Reyes asks David why they stayed to observe. David is hesitant to tell her, so Rachel probes his mind and says he wants to know what happens to mutants’ bodies between their autopsies and resurrections. Dr. Reyes asks David to clarify whether he’s wondering how mutants’ bodies are disposed of, and why he wants to know.

Later at the Boneyard, Northstar rages at Prodigy when he tells him he’s started a body farm at their headquarters. David insists that studying mutant decomposition will allow the team to conduct more efficient investigations in the future. Northstar relents when he sees Prodigy’s passion, and Kyle muses at how much Jean-Paul sounds like a father in the moment.

Later, X-Factor summons Siryn to the Boneyard and demand to know why she has been lying to them. They point out to Theresa how improbable it is that someone who can fly would fall to their death, and that after her second death, her body showed no evidence of drowning. Theresa insists she was drunk when she died on Krakoa, and that without her Cerebro backup they’ll never know what happened in the U.K. X-Factor continues to press her until Siryn finally screams that each death was an accident. She runs away in anger and Daken asks the team if she was telling the truth. Using their various powers, Eye-Boy, Prestige, Daken, and Prodigy all agree that Siryn was both lying and very afraid.

Polaris catches up to Siryn outside the Boneyard. Theresa tells Lorna to stay out of her business and leave the heroics to the “big guns”. In an impressive display of power, Polaris calls huge metal deposits out of the ground and reminds Siryn she once had to make a deal with the Morrigan to keep Lorna from destroying the world. Theresa’s tone of voice suddenly changes. She uses her vocal hypnosis to put Polaris in a trance and tells Lorna to sabotage X-Factor’s investigation into her deaths. Siryn walks away, her eyes glowing green while blackbirds scatter into the symbol of the Morrigan in the sky above her.

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Siryn is dead. Again. And again. And again.

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