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This article is about the Krakoan Intelligence Agency. You may be looking for the original team of outlaw mutants or the mutant Strike Team.

Quote1 I was hoping we were beyond this, honestly. But they -- whoever they are -- are operating from the shadows. So we must respond in kind. Quote2
Professor Xavier[src]


Mutant CIA[]

The foundation of the nation of Krakoa by Professor Xavier united mutantkind on a island-nation in the Pacific Ocean, but led to outrage among human supremacists.[3] In response to this, the shadowy anti-mutant organization XENO launched a terrorist attack against the fledgling country which resulted in the deaths of Xavier and several other mutants. To access the island, the agents tricked chief of security Black Tom's surveillance by using the genome of a captured Domino to mask their own.[4] However, mutants could now be resurrected on Krakoa, which allowed Jean Grey and Beast to arrange for Xavier's return. Meanwhile, Wolverine was joined by Kid Omega in retrieving Domino from a facility in Seoul, and Sage, Black Tom and the physician Cecilia Reyes studied XENO's invasion plans.[5]

During the incident's debrief, Xavier proposed the creation X-Force, the Krakoan intelligence agency: Beast directed the organization, being supervised by Jean Grey and assisted by Sage, who monitored the transit in Krakoa. X-Force also counted with special operations sanctioned to employ lethal force led by Wolverine and formed by agents Domino and Kid Omega. The Quiet Council of Krakoa approved X-Force's activation as a team with special jurisdiction. Based at the Pointe, it was provided with weaponry developed by the inventor Forge. X-Force became operational by repelling XENO heists against several mutant companies.[6] In a bloody confrontation, X-Force was aided by Forge and Gateway against XENO agents who attempted to steal Krakoan floral technology.[7] Later on, Sage assisted Domino and her ally Colossus in eliminating more genetically engineered soldiers created by XENO from her genome. During this mission, Domino was killed in action[8] and her memories from her time in XENO's captivity were purposely erased following her resurrection.[9]

The Krakoan intelligence identified that potentially anti-mutant plant-based technology was developed in the country Terra Verde. Hadwin Cocom weaponized it to stage a coup d'etat against his father, the president. X-Force prevented Cocom from accomplishing his plans, and Beast chose to neutralize his telefloronic technology.[10] The intervention, however, caused the botanical monstrosity to run wild. X-Force field agents returned to Terra Verde only to find it totally succumbed to telefloronics, which were linked to a local deity.[9] Jean Grey confronted Beast about his reckless actions against a sovereign human nation. She was joined by Sage and Black Tom in Terra Verde and, together, they were able to purge the botanical infection, but as a result several innocents perished. After the tragedy, Jean Grey chose to quit X-Force.[11]

The corpses of the XENO agents in Krakoa spawned off infiltrated soldiers, engineered as a form of "nesting doll," who once again targeted Xavier. They failed, but were able to secure Kid Omega as well as remnants of a Cerebro unit, the Cerebro Sword, and deliver them the to XENO's associate and Colossus' brother, Mikhail Rasputin.[12] Beast linked XENO's operations to Colossus and to the erratic Krakoan citizen Omega Red. Both were arrested and interrogated.[13] Colossus was cleaned of any connections to XENO, but Omega Red was regarded as an asset who could be used as a double agent through the use of a Carbonadium Synthesizer built by Forge.[14] In fact, Colossus' had been in fact compromised by Mikhail Rasputin's prisoner, the mysterious Chronicler, and, as an unaware mole, had been undermining X-Force's operations, which included tampering with Domino's memories.[15]

Around this period, a tumorous parasitic infection in Krakoa corrupted nearby sailors, causing X-Force to intervene as a matter of security. Under the sea, X-Force had Namor's help in destroying the monstrous parasite.[16] Another parallel issue was XENO's weaponized use of Kid Omega's telepathic corpses. The psychic army haunted X-Force in Krakoa until their deactivation, which was achieved through the efforts of Kid Omega in coalition with X-Force, Jean Grey, and Phoebe.[17]

During the first Krakoan Hellfire Gala, which had human guests invited for diplomatic reasons, X-Force was in charge of the party's security. Beast, however, had manipulated Terra Verdeans as puppets by employing the telefloronic technology for Krakoa's interests. His colonial interference was revealed when the telefloronics acted erratically in ambassadors he had attend the Gala. The Gala's idealizer and Quiet Council member Emma Frost requested X-Force to decommission the use of telefloronics. Sage wished to comply, but Beast refused to, leading tensions to rise. Simultaneously, Deadpool crashed the party, triggering a response from X-Force. However, he ultimately helped them combat the erratic telefloronic creatures in the party.[18][19]

Telefloronic-related infections kept causing incidents around the world, which Sage concluded to be sabotaging against commercial relations involving Xavier and Krakoa. While countering them, X-Force crossed paths with the creature known as Man-Slaughter. In their mission, they learned XENO had access to plant-based technology created by Doctor Bloodroot from Weapon Plus.[20] Bloodroot seized control of a faction of the Order of X he had invade Krakoa. Together, X-Force and Man-Slaughter defeated the villain and incapacitated the Order of X's incursion.[21]

Fear the Beast[]

X-Force also became the primary mutant unit combatting the anti-Krakoan organization Orchis. The field team performed incursions into the Orchis Forge multiple times, in an attempt to dismantle their operations and destroy the deadly sentinel Nimrod. All of their incessant missions failed, however.[22] As a result, Orchis was able to specifically plan for X-Force. During one of their missions, X-Force intercepted a successful Orchis attempt to steal Krakoan shipments from the Hellfire Trading Company. It was actually a trap Sage had been able to identify and alert Frost about, contrary to Beast's plans. Frost confronted Beast about him using X-Force to test the limits of his influence in Krakoa. X-Force was ultimately able to escape, but it was made obvious that Beast played them like puppets for his interests.[23]

As the war between Krakoa and XENO escalated, Beast was infected by a microscopic XENO subject. With Black Tom's help and at the cost of his own eye, he was apparently cleaned.[15] XENO then kidnapped mutant children from Krakoa, having their access facilitated by Wolverine being romantically involved with the spy named Pike.[24] X-Force searched for the missing victims underwater around Krakoa, being successful in getting only two of the three kidnapped babies from their rescue mission.[25]

Seeking for revenge against the aggressions that had been inflicted upon him by X-Force, Omega Red joined Mikhail Rasputin and had his mind travel to the past in an attempt to destroy Xavier. Wolverine was sent to hunt him with Cerebro technology. Omega Red was ultimately stopped and restrained.[26] Beast advocated for his execution to the Quiet Council, but Sage argued that X-Force was responsible for his behavior and requested to have Omega Red rehabilitated as an agent of X-Force. Another consequence of this mission was that the Cerebro unit Wolverine had used to time travel gained sentience and started to devour the brains and consume the powers of Krakoans[27] as Cerebrax. X-Force battled the near omnipotent creature.[28] After consuming Black Tom, it communed with Krakoa. Kid Omega attacked it and was able to terminate it, but in the process his Cerebro back-up data was purged, leading to a permanent death he could not be resurrected from.[29]

After teaming up with Wolverine to confront a resentful and insane Danger, Deadpool was invited to become an agent of X-Force.[30] Following the public revelation that mutants could be resurrected, their relationship with humans changed. In one of their missions, X-Force rescued X-Corp's CEO Archangel from an angry anti-mutant mob as well as intercepted a mutant trafficking operation, during which Deadpool was abandoned in the field by Omega Red. His remains were found by Kraven the Hunter, who decided to challenge the immortal mutants.[31] During Krakoa's war against the Eternals, Kraven went to Krakoa accompanied by a captive Deadpool,[32] where he started targeting resurrected mutants in Arbor Magna. He eventually captured Beast in the Pointe and forced him to design a trap in the virtual reality of the Shadow Room for Wolverine, the best possible mutant opponent. Meanwhile, Deadpool was restored back to health by Black Tom and fought Omega Red in retaliation for his actions.[33] Sage stopped their fight and gathered them to the Pointe, where X-Force defeated Kraven and saved Beast and Wolverine from his macabre plan.[34]

X-Force continued eliminating threats to Krakoa related to XENO, but Wolverine started to question Beast's morals, including his preemptive strikes on potential enemies. In order to ensure Wolverine's compliance, Beast machinated a trap. When Wolverine and his comrade Jeff Bannister from C.I.A.'s X-Desk investigated the Legacy House, a criminal operation that auctioned mutant items,[35] Beast assassinated Wolverine and captured Bannister. Resurrected as a brainless killing machine, Wolverine served as Beast's unquestionable weapon. Having total control over X-Force, Beast expanded his influence, by exposing the Pointe and having them operate in the open as agents of Krakoa.[36] Sage questioned Wolverine's activities, but Beast refused to acknowledge his involvement. Wolverine's mind gradually repaired itself, which allowed him to escape Beast's clutches and hide within Krakoa.[37]

Descending into madness, Beast used his privileges as the director of X-Force to build a Shadow Prison in outer space, where he performed horrible botanical experiments on inwards ranging from humans, to aliens. to mutants both from Krakoa and Arakko, having Maverick abduct the specimens for him. After Maverick got into conflict with the Arakkii Blackmore and Solem, X-Force acquired information about their superior's crimes and performed an investigation.[38] Although Beast's trust and credibility eroded within X-Force, he led a final strike against XENO. He provided the Legacy House with a mutant husk to be abducted by XENO's leader, the Man with the Peacock Tattoo.[39] The stolen husk was weaponized into a monster by XENO through the powers of the telepath Max, the mutant child kidnapped from Krakoa. As X-Force worked to restore Domino's lost memories from her time in XENO, she recollected they were based on Genosha.[40] X-Force battled the Omnimutant, a monstrous creature who amalgamated their powersets. Beast took advantage of the conflict to develop a way to destroy XENO's technology and finish their agents for good. In the end, the Man with the Peacock Tattoo fell to Max and other experimented subjects he had tortured. XENO's leader was defeated, and X-Force returned to deal with their immoral leader.[41]

Being approached by Bannister's daughter, Maddie, Sage was able to locate the debilitated Wolverine.[42] Together, X-Force planned to document Beast's crimes and expose him to the Quiet Council of Krakoa. They tracked Jeff Bannister and learned that Beast had orchestrated the vile attack against Wolverine and infected Maddie with aggressive telefloronics. Beast also attempted to murder Bannister, but Wolverine was able to execute him instead. Having planned for his own demise, Beast triggered a self-resurrection in the Pointe,[43] which he turned into a gargantuan walking base. He then announced to X-Force they were dismissed, in order to be replaced by his Weapons of X, a group formed by clones of himself and of Wolverine. Meanwhile, Wolverine learned that Beast had erased his memory files from the Cerebro database.[44] Wolverine, who resigned from X-Force, brought the case to the Quiet Council. They recognized Beast's autonomy and chose not to hunt him down. Sage was appointed as the new director of X-Force, and Colossus, a member of the Quiet Council, joined the organization to oversee their operations. As her first decision, Sage established a new headquarters for X-Force and recruited the all-new Wolverine for the team. Having taken control over Beast's Shadow Prison, Blackmore redirected his rage to Krakoa.[45]

Before X-Force could take action, an ancient version of Quentin Quire came from the future to ask for X-Force's help in opposing many versions of Beast. Having travelled to the dystopic future, X-Force faced a society where Beast ruled mutantkind through cultural dominance. One of Beast's deviant clones captured Omega Red only to meet his demise after devouring him. X-Force was able to rejoin Omega Red and move to their next target in the timeline.[46] Many thousands of years later, X-Force destroyed a version of Beast who had merged himself with the Krakoan environment to exert his control.[47] In their final stop, X-Force confronted a version of Beast who had transformed himself into a Nimrod Sentinel to ensure his totalitarian surveillance. During the fight, Beast revealed Quire was infected by Cerebrax. The liberation of Cerebrax led to Beast's deactivation. Being successful, X-Force returned to present-day Krakoa.[48] In the present, Beast still acted for Krakoa independently, destroying Maverick's mercenary team for smuggling Krakoan goods.[49] Wolverine crossed paths with Maverick and they joined forces to stop Beast and his Weapons of X.[50] Additionally, Bannister and the X-Desk also tracked Beast down, which ended up with Bannister being captured by Beast. Wolverine was approached by Beast, who wished to recollect some of his missing clones in exchange for Bannister's freedom.[51] X-Force was contacted by Wolverine to secretly intervene. While Wolverine and Maverick distracted Beast to retrieve Bannister, X-Force infiltrated the Pointe. Wolverine demanded Beast to surrender, which escalated in a fight that obliterated the Pointe and most of Beast's clones and resources. Wielding the Cerebro Sword, Beast confronted X-Force and, though severely hurt by Deadpool, managed to escape. In the aftermath, Wolverine decided to leave Krakoa permanently.[52]

The Chronicles of Colossus[]

As had occurred in previous years, X-Force was tasked to work surveillance for the Hellfire Gala. In response to Beast's activities, they did not attend the event in person, keeping their watch from a distance. This inability to join the party prompted Deadpool to leave X-Force. In fact, Colossus secretly sabotaged their headquarters to serve Mikhail Rasputin's purposes. Meanwhile, Orchis executed a destructive ploy to finish Krakoa by assassinating the X-Men at the Gala, deactivating the teleporting Gateways, and forcing Xavier to scatter the Krakoan population. In this unpredicted situation, Colossus did not allow X-Force to act and led them to his brother's lair in an ambush. Having been suspicious of Colossus,[53] Domino was able to evade the trap, keeping herself, Sage and Black Tom free. The group struggled in a world where mutants were hostilized by Orchis. Their main goal was to free the captive X-Force members from Mikhail Rasputin.[54]

With most of X-Force in his custody, Mikhail Rasputin focused his attention on manipulating Orchis. He ordered the Chronicler to shift his influence from Colossus to Orchis' agent Jun Wei. This course of action caused Colossus to be free from the mind control. The Chronicler also took the opportunity to direct Wei against Mikhail Rasputin and escape his clutches. With Mikhail Rasputin down, his powers were destabilized and X-Force was able to break free as well. Meanwhile, by realizing that Mikhail Rasputin's abilities mirrored mystic powers, Sage contacted Doctor Strange in his Sanctum Sanctorum for help.[55] With his assistance, she and Domino were able to teleport themselves to X-Force's location, joining their final battle against Rasputin's forces. Deadpool ultimately rejoined X-Force to strengthen their ranks during the battle. Seeing no other option, Colossus made the difficult decision of executing Mikhail Rasputin to end his mad crusade. Rescued by Doctor Strange back from Rasputin's lair, the team returned to decide Colossus' fate.[56]

Target: Beast[]

With Krakoa having fallen and most of the world's mutant population being dead or missing, X-Force relocated to the Arctic Circle, where they started using a new base called the Greenhouse, inviting surviving mutants to shelter with them. Some of these mutants included Phoebe Cuckoo, Wolverine's son Fang, and Alpha Flight veterans Aurora and Northstar.[57] However, as well as facing the threat of Orchis, X-Force were also being stalked by Beast Prime, who attacked the Greenhouse and incapacitated Omega Red to steal a Krakoan Battlesuit which he needed to orchestrate his final plan: the theft of a black hole cannon, which he would use to wipe out the mutant planet of Arakko in hopes of protecting Earth's mutants and discouraging Orchis. With limited strategies to stop Beast Prime, Sage used her ace in the hole: the last Beast Clone from the Weapons of X. Uploading the clone with a memory backup dating back to Beast's tenure as a member of the Defenders, this new Beast was appalled by the monstrous actions of his future self, escaping the Greenhouse and rejoining his old best friend Wonder Man. Working together, Beast, Wonder Man, and X-Force were able to defeat Beast Prime, who seemingly perished in an explosion when the black hole cannon's nuclear power supply was damaged.[58]

Sabretooth War[]

Months prior to the Hellfire Gala, the mutant supervillain and serial killer Sabretooth escaped Krakoa's Pit of Exile, recruiting versions of himself from across the multiverse to wage war on Krakoa. But, by the time he made it back, the island was abandoned and surrounded by Sentinels. He thus decided to turn his sights onto his old nemesis, Wolverine.

Using a version of himself with shapeshifting abilities, he ambushed Kid Omega, killing him but keeping his head alive to use as a weapon. He then led his forces to the Greenhouse, using Kid Omega's telepathy to incapacitate Sage and Black Tom and having his troops slaughter dozens of mutants (including Akihiro). They would also abduct Laura Kinney. Wolverine would chase Creed back to Krakoa, but would also end up incapacitated by Kid Omega's powers.[59]

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